Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Clearing The Static 1835

ssues discussed on this week's show include:
1.  Could a new Alternative station be coming to Ithaca, NY?  It's
possible -- no, make that likely, as Saga communications splits off a
95.9 translator from WHCU -- now that that station has a 97.7
translator to call it's own, and starts stunting with Ithaca area
group XAmbasidors on 95.9.  What will this mean for the Ithaca market?
 We discuss.
2.  A new Christian station comes to New York State's Hudson Valley,
as WHBC hits the air at 102.5.  But what about the "Redeemer Radio"
programming heard there?  It's already on WFSO (88.9.)  So will WFSO
3.  The Hudson Valley loses it's Jazz station, as Bud Williamson can
no longer afford to keep WJZZ (88.1) going.  This, again, ignites the
discussion on how to save non-commercial radio.
4.  ESPN Radio has come to Pensacola, FL, as ADX debuts "ESPN 94.5."
5.  Meanwhile in VirMont, ESPN is disappearing from WCPV in
Burlington, as that station picks up Fox Sports, and plays a new
sports "Game" with the 101.3 frequency.
6.  Say goodbye to LGBT targeted radio in America, as IHeart blows up
"Pride Radio" on 96.7 in the Twin Cities of Minnisota in favor of
"KFan Plus," an extention of "KFan 100.3" there.  This leads to a
broader discussion of the lack of LGBT themed programming available on
the radio dial, and if anything can be done about this.
7.  An Illinois station is getting new calls, as former staff of WCAZ
buy WYEC (1510) in Carthage, IL, and turn it into another incarnation
of WCAZ -- same format and all.

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