Below is a comprehensive list of radio and media websites compiled by The Radio Kid of Clearing the Static. The list is organized by region and/or category. We will do our best to keep this list accurate and up to date. If you notice a link that is dead, or, if you think there is a website we should add to the list, please send e-mail to

NOTE: Websites marked with an asterisk require a paid subscription in order to gain full access to their content.

Regional Links

Northeast Radio Watch*

Boston Radio Watch (Syracuse, Utica, and Ithaca) (Facebook - Mobile)

PBRTV (Pitsburg, PA)

DCRTV (DC/Baltimore)

VARTV (Virginia)

Radio and TV Talk (Atlanta)

CFLRadio (Central Florida)

Alabama Broadcast Media Page

Ohio Media Watch

Michiguide (Michigan)

Indiana Radio Watch

Robert Feder’s page (Chicago, IL Media)*

Chicago Radio Land and Media

Upper Midwest Broadcasters

Tucson Radio Dial

Northwest Broadcasters (Northern Washington, and parts of Canada)

SDRadio (San Diego)

San Diego Radio News

LA Radio (Los Angeles)

Canadian Radio News (Facebook – mobile)

Airchecker (Canada)

Milkman Unlimited (Canada)

Fagstein (Montreal)

Puget Sound Radio

Broadcaster Magazine (Canada)

National Links

Radio World Online

Radio Online


Inside Radio*

Radio and TV Business Report*

Radio Ink Magazine*

All Access

Radio Insight

Tom Taylor Now Newsletter (signup website)

Tom Taylor Now Newsletter Archives


LPFM Database (Facebook – mobile)
(Please see resources section for website)

Sirius Buzz (Satellite Radio)

Talkers Magazine (Talk Radio)

His Air (Christian Radio)

Tripple A Radio (AAA)

 Current Magazine (Public Media)*

BDR (Broadcast Engineering)

Necrat (Engineering news and photos)

Discussion Forums

Radio Discussions

Radio Insight Community

Radio Talk

Local Radio Discussion (part of the Satellite Guys discussion pages)

New York Radio Message Board

WV Broadcasting

Midwest Media

Nebraska Radio Forum

Colorado Media

Denver Radio

Seatac News Forums (Seattle/Tacoma)

Hawaii Radio and Media Forums at Hawaii Threads

The Southern Ontario/Western New York Radio/TV Forums

Radio West (Canadian)

XM Fan (Satelite)

World Wide DXing Forum (shortwave, and DXing)
WTFDA (Worldwide TV and FM DX) forum

The Virtual Engineer

Radio Station and Stream resources

Station Intel (formerly 100,*

Radio Locator

Radio Station World


FCC Info

FM database from the WFTDA (worldwide FM and TV DX Association)

FM Fool (FM listings)

W9wi (FM and TV listings)

TV Fool (TV listings)

Rabit Ears (TV directory)

LPFM Database

Tunein (streaming radio)

Radio Lookup (part of the Bill Sparks network – streaming radio)

Mike’s Radio World (Streaming stations for the western hemosphere)

Blind Radio (Streaming worldwide directory with a blind friendly interface)

US Live Radio

Canadian Web Radio

Listen Live EU (Streaming stations for Europe.)

Australian  Live Radio

NZ Radio Guide (streaming stations from New Zealand)

Internet Stream Directory (compiled by The Radio Kid)
TV Industry News Links

Broadcasting and Cable

TV Newscheck

Rabit Ears Blog
(Please see resources section for main website.)

TV Spy (part of Media Bistro)


Shortwave and DXing Links

Shortwave Central

DXing Info

Primetime Shortwave

Cumbre DX

Radio DX from Wisconsin

Podcasts About Radio

Glenn Hauser’s World Of Radio (shortwave)

Media Network Plus (Shortwave)

International Radio Report (CKUT – Canadian),10:30

Radio Racket Replay (replays of the 2006-2009 show)

All Things Radio Podcast (part of the Bill Sparks Network)

Radio Stuff Podcast (explicit language)

Radio Girl Podcast

The Producers’ Podcast (Imaging, and radio production)

This Week in Radio Tech (Engineering)

Airchecks Sites

Aircheck Downloads

Bob’s Airchecks


FM Airchecks

Format Change Archive

Top Hour (hourly IDs)

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