Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 29: Summer Memories - TV Memories

This time, The Radio Kid recalls some favorite Summer memories, and some of their favorite classic TV shows.


CTS Extra 41: Counting Our Losses

It's all about losses this time on CTS Extra. First, Oklahoma City loses its Breeze. Then, Ottawa loses its Dog, and finally, Fort Myers loses its last link to the Modern AC format. We discuss, and give you airchecks of these defunct stations, on CTS Extra 41.


Clearing the Static 1635

We open with some feedback on our community radio rivalry discussion. Then, we know the new format of the old Dawg FM in Ottawa. Later, three Public radio stations are launching new AAA formats, and they are all quite innovative. Finally, a new Beautiful Music station comes to Northern Michigan. Is this for real? Or is it merely a placeholder or stunt? We discuss. It's all on this episode of CTS.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Clearing the Static 1634

We open by offering congratulations to our affiliate WRAQ on finally getting their FM transmitter on the air. Then, some feedback about WAJD, and about the future of CBS Radio News as we now know it. Then, the vandalism that recently hit WRFN in the Nashville market leads us to discuss ways to resolve what seem to be some very bitter rivalries among community radio stations in the same radio market. Later, we offer an update on the Dawg all Blues format soon to be gone from the Ottawa, Ontario airwaves. Portland, Oregon gets a new full time Urban station. Lastly, is the last Modern AC radio station soon to bite the dust? It's all here on CTS!


The Radio Kid's Rant! 28: Screen Readers for the Blind - An Olympic Story

This time, The Radio Kid offers their thoughts on the acquisition of AI Squared by VFO/Freedom Scientific. How will this affect screen reader options for the blind? Then, a true story from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 27: More Thoughts on Trump

This time, The Radio Kid offers still more thoughts on Donald Trump and his candidacy.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Clearing the Static 1633

This week, we discuss happenings in radio in upstate New York, also, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia. Later, The Radio Kid laments about the lack of radio coverage for the 2016 Summer Olympics for those who are blind and visually impaired. All that, plus a pop up thunderstorm at The Radio Kid's location, on this edition of CTS.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 26: Grocery Store Memories - Coffee Snobs

This time, it's a departure from polotics and current news events. The Radio Kid laments the closure of a long time local neighborhood grocery store. Then, we get to hear their take on those who are very picky about the kind of coffee they drink. This just goes to show you never know what the kid will rant about next!


Clearing the Static 1632

Lots of news from New York, California and Florida this time around. Plus, more about good ol' Rush. It's all here on CTS 1632. Don't you miss it!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 25: The Democratic Convention

As promised, now it's the Democrat party's turn to feel the wrath of The Radio Kid!


Clearing the Static 1631

We open our show this week with a sale, of sorts, in the Finger Lakes region. Later, we have news about changes in the Burlington, VT market thanks to our good friend, Aaron. Also, could conservative talk radio be on its way out? And, format changes in Ontario, which we cannot hear due to streaming restrictions! That's all here on CTS 1631.