Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 07: Various Topics

A variety of topics on this rant. Including taking time out to evaluate one's self and how they judge others, and, educating sighted people on the perils of the blind and visually impaired. That, ad more, on this rant.


Clearing the Static 1613

A variety of topics this week. We have more developments on the ongoing situation in Syracuse. Also, we put out a call for a new voiceover talent for CTS. We answer questions from a Painted Post, NY listener about his local radio market. Then, should religious broadcasters be exempt from having to do local programming because it interferes with their "mission"? We discuss and debate.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 06: Political Violence

On this rant, The Radio Kid talks about the recent uptick in political violence.


Clearing the Static 1612

On today's program, a wide variety of topics. First, is CBS really selling off its entire group of radio stations? It sure looks that way. Who will the buyer(s) be? Also, has the visual element of a radio station's stream hurt the "theater of the mind" concept? Later, a new ratings measurement to be implemented for the online streams of terrestrial radio stations. A good or bad thing? Should the FCC go back to regulating programming and formats on radio stations to eliminate overkill such as five country stations in a market? Some listener feedback leads to that discussion. Also, we know what is now on the 98.9 frequency in Seattle. A male oriented rock station. What does this mean for female leaning rock formats and their success? Finally, we talk about the two CHR stations in Elmira, New York, and how they seem to have flip flopped when it comes to a straight CHR versus a CHR/AC presentation. It's all here on this edition of CTS!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 05: Shampoo - Trump Supporters

Two disparate topics this time. The Radio Kid first rants about shampoo. Yes, you read right, shampoo. Then, on a more serious note, are Trump supporters becoming more and more violent? Hear what The Radio Kid has to say about this.


Clearing the Static 1611

On this edition, we talk once again with Bob Cavanaugh from Seattle. A lot of interesting developments happening in his market. Plus, some encouraging developments at Cumulus Media. What could it all mean? It's all on this edition of CTS.


Monday, March 7, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 04 - David Duke and Donald Trump - Transgender Bathrooms

This time, The Radio Kid rants about two different issues. First, is there any significance in David Duke's endorsement of Donald Trump? Then, thoughts on the recent South Dakota legislation concerning public restrooms and the transgender community.


Clearing the Static 1610

A lot to talk about this time! Including, a new AC station for the Twin Tiers of NY and PA. Also, could we be seeing the beginning of the end for Classic Hip Hop stations? We have an update on the situation around 93.5 in Toronto. We rant about the tactics used at the Republican presidential debates, and why they are the way they are. A new Classic Hits station in Central PA to tell you about. And, two major Christian broadcasters swap signals in several states. It's all here on this edition of Clearing the Static!