Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2 Girls 1 Name Show 11

The 11th installment of 2 Girls, 1 Name.


Clearing the Static 1748

It's a potpourri of radio news from across the country this week. From Illinois to West Virginia to Florida, and many other points in between and beyond.


Radio Serena Show 48: All Request

Song 1.  He Loves You Not – Dream
Song 2.  Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Megan Trainer
Song 3.  Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly
Song 4.  Closer To The Heart (from the Hammersmith auditorium 1978) – Rush
Song 5.  I'll Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - Buster Carter & Preston Young
Song 6.  Forever My Darling  (Pledging My Love) – Aaron Neville
Song 7.  Forever My Darling (Pledging My Love) Johnny Ace
Song 8.  The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed
Song 9.  1 In A Million – Apollo Limited
Song 10.  Grand Design – Rush
Song 11.  I’m Alive – Celine Dion
Song 12.  The Power Of Goodbye – Madonna
Song 13.  Nvna – Ourlives
Song 14.  Hugh Masekela – Grazing In The Grass


In the Middle Episode 18 - The Radio Kid's Rant! 75

Another combined In the Middle and Rant this week.

Listen (Full Show)

Saffron Says Episodes 4 Thru 8

After much delay, we've uploaded the past five episodes of Saffron Says. Someone should fire the webmaster. Oh, wait, that's me! Sorry for the delay, folks. Enjoy a marathon of the wit and wisdom of Saffron.

Listen/Download Links
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Clearing the Static 1747

We open this week with news of the retirement of a veteran Syracuse radio personality. Then, most of the rest of the hour is all about big changes now that Entercom has taken over CBS Radio. And, some changes at Cumulus stations. All here on this edition of CTS.


In the Middle Episode 17

This week, Jake Longwell offers his response to some of the topics discussed on recent programs.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Radio Serena Show 47: Jake FM

It's another installment of Format of the Month. This time, it's Jake FM, Radio Serena's attempt at a format combining adventurous elements of Classical and Jazz. Enjoy!

Song 1.  Blue Rondo a La Turk - Quartet San Francisco
Song 2.  Discreet Music Part VII - Contact
Song 3.  Theme from a Symphony (Variation Two) - Ornette Coleman
Song 4.  Teaching & Temptation - John Lewis
Song 5.  Three Dances, for 2 prepared amplified pianos: Dance No.2 -
Ralph Grierson; Michael Tilson Thomas
Song 6.  Embraceable Me - Tim Berne's Snakeoil


Monday, November 13, 2017

Radio Serena Show 46

Song 1.  12 Years Old – Kim Stockwood
Song 2.  Lodi – CCR
Song 3.  Pompeii – Bastille
Song 4.  True - Spandau Ballet
Song 5.  Thunder – Imagine Dragons
Song 6.  The Chicken Dance – unknown artist
Song 7.  Vogue – Madonna
Song 8.  Get a Job - The Silhouettes
Song 9.  Relax (Come Fighting) - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Song 10.  Man On The Moon – R.E.M.
Song 11.  Great Balls Of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
Song 12.  Dangerous – Roxette
Song 13.  Small Town Saturday Night - Hal Ketchum
Song 14.  I Saw Her Standing There – The Beattles
Song 15.  The "In" Crowd - Ramsey Lewis


Sunday, November 12, 2017

In the Middle Episode 16

This time on In the Middle, The Radio Kid discusses another controversial subject that has arisen out of still another tragedy which recently took place in this country. With gun violence seemingly on the rise, and more and more talk from certain parties about stricter gun laws, just how far do we need to go in order to ensure our safety? Would a "big brother" style system of constant surveillance put an end to gun violence? The Radio Kid thinks so, and she shares her passionate views on the subject. Responses from all sides are welcomed and encouraged.


Clearing the Static 1746

Due to other commitments, Jake Longwell wasn't able to participate in this episode of CTS. So, The Radio Kid goes solo for this episode. Starting with more details about the CBS/Entercom merger, then, diving head long into recent format changes from across the country, and from across the format spectrum. That's all here on this edition of CTS.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Clearing the Static 1745

We spend much of the hour discussing the fall out from the CBS/Entercom merger. We now know which stations and markets are being spun off, and to whom. Later, it's that time of year again! Stations are starting to switch to all-Christmas music. We'll give you the latest list. And, it seems AM radio isn't dead yet, as Major League Baseball reports incredible ratings for several key AM stations that carry MLB broadcasts. That's all on this edition of CTS.


In the Middle Episode 15

After the latest act of Islamic terrorism that took place in New York City recently, The Radio Kid shares some very passionate and very strong views on Islam, and how we interpret the religion here in America. Responses from all sides are welcome.


Radio Serena Show 45: Tom Petty Tribute

Song 1.  Breakdown – Tom Petty
Song 2.  Refugee – Tom Petty
Song 3.  American Girl – Tom Petty
Song 4.  The Waiting – Tom Petty
Song 5.  Running Down A Dream – Tom Petty
Song 6.  You Got Lucky – Tom Petty
Song 7.  Don’t Come Around Here No More – Tom Petty
Song 8.  Think About Me – Tom Petty
Song 9.  Learning To Fly – Tom Petty
Song 10.  I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty
Song 11.  You Don’t Know How It Feels – Tom Petty
Song 12.  The Last DJ – Tom Petty