Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 03: Guantanamo - Republican Debates - Apple

In this rant, The Radio Kid asks the questions: Should we close Guantanamo? Are the Republican candidates acting like children in their debates? And... Should Apple comply with orders to unlock iPhones? Hear what the Kid has to say about all of this!


Clearing the Static 1609

A lot to talk about this week! More developments on the impending changes in Syracuse. Also, could changes be coming to 93.5 in Toronto? It sure looks that way. Plus, Alpha closes on its purchase of Digity. Could Alpha spin off smaller markets to another company? An upstate New York company makes purchases in the Carolinas. A new AC comes to Washington state. And, a short primmer on some of the "radio language" we use frequently on the program. It's all here, so click the link below to tune in!


Monday, February 22, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant 02: The Supreme Court - Obamacare

This time, The Radio Kid rants on the bickering going on among politicians about the nomination of a new judge to the Supreme Court. Then, a rant on the advantages and disadvantages of Obamacare.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 01: The New Hampshire Primaries

Welcome to the first in a new series called The Radio Kid's Rant! This series airs Sunday evenings at around 11:45 PM Eastern on Global Community Radio Channel One. This is a series of short rants by the Radio Kid on a variety of non-radio topics. This time, he gives his opinions on two of the US presidential candidates, and what they are offering the American people.


Clearing the Static 1608

This week, we welcome our newest affiliate, the UK based internet radio service In Radio. Also, we have Radio News Now for your listening pleasure. Plus, some very passionate feedback about the loss of LGBT programming on Sirius/XM, and a challenge to the Radio Kid to take action to replace that programming in some way. Then, further developments in the acquisition of two Syracuse area radio stations by Family Life Ministries, and, finally, some thoughts on the newest radio station in the Bakersfield market. It's all here on CTS program number 1608. Enjoy!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Clearing the Static 1607

This time, we officially welcome our latest affiliate, WRAQ, to the growing list of stations carrying the program. We then read and respond to some listener feedback about recent syhows. Later, it's all about format flips in California and Michigan. We discuss the closure of the LGBT channel on Sirius XM, and, some not so positive news for the PPM, perhaps? It's all here on this edition of CTS!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Clearing the Static 1606

This time, we bring to our microphones yet another special guest. We talk with Lady Rachel from our affiliate in Springfield, Illinois, WQNA. We discuss her love of radio, some of the challenges whe has faced as a blind broadcaster, and her radio show Soft Sounds. It's another fun and informative interview on this edition of Clearing the Static.