Friday, February 28, 2020

Clearing the Static 2008

Episode 2008 of the radio show that talks about radio.


Radio Serena Show 160: All Request Show

It's another all request show here on Radio Serena. Listen as Serena plays your requests, and a couple extra tunes for flavor.
Song 1. Fly to Paradise (Radio Edit) - Eric Whitacre Singers, Will Dawes, Hila Plitmann & Guy Sigsworth
Song 2. Ain’t Got No Home – The Band
Song 3. Hello Walls - Faron Young
Song 4. Ballad Of The Alamo – Marty Robbins
Song 5. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Skorpians
Song 6. The Huu – Yuve Yuve Yuve
Song 7. 15 – Mandy Moore
Song 8. Salt And The Sea - The Lumineers
Song 9. Brady Bunch Theme Song
Song 10. Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammar
Song 11. Carnival Of Rust – Poets of The Fall
Song 12. Leland – Waymaker
Song 13. Thunder – Imagine Dragons


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Clearing the Static 2007

The Radio Kid and Bob Cavanaugh discuss the latest radio happenings.


Radio Serena Show 28 Re-Creation

This file from the archives was deleted some time ago. Serena decided to re-create this "format of the month" and offer it to affiliates once again. Please see the original blog entry for playlist.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Clearing the Static 2006

Episode 2006 of CTS


Radio Serena Show 159 "Stupid Cupid"

It's Valentine's Day again, and that means we probably should do a Valentine's Day show here at Radio Serena -- since most of you celebrate this beloved holiday. So, since we have no loves in our lives, we decided to play the crappy sappy love songs we hate -- plus some you requested. It's Radio Serena's Stupid Cupid Valentine's Day Show!!!!
Song 1. Stupid Cupid – Mandy Moore
Song 2. Always - Bon Jovi
Song 3. Since I Don't Have You - The Skyliners
Song 4. If – Bread
Song 5. More Than Anything – Hanson
Song 6. I Wanna Be With You – Mandy Moore
Song 7. Loving You – Minnie Riperton
Song 8. It’s All Coming Back to me Now – Celine Dion
Song 9. Rush Rush – Paula Abdul
Song 10. You Sang To Me – Mark Anthony
Song 11. Sea of Love - Phil Phillips and the Twilights
Song 12. All My Life – KC and Jojo
Song 13. Little Arrows - Leapy Lee


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Clearing the Static 2005

The radio kid does a solo show this week.


Radio Serena Show 158

Song 1. Someday – Sugar Ray
Song 2. That Greasy Kids Stuff - Janie Grant
Song 3. Big Money – Rush
Song 4. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker
Song 5. What If – Creed
Song 6. Artemis - Lindsey Stirling
Song 7. Sometimes – Britney Spears
Song 8. I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles
Song 9. Fighter – Joseph
Song 10. Pump Up The Jam – Technotronics
Song 11. I Wonder Why – Dion and the Belmonts
Song 12. Who’s Johnny – El DeBarge
Song 13. Said I Loved You But I Lied – Michael Bolton
Song 14. World Without Love – Peter and Gordon


Saturday, February 1, 2020

Clearing the Static 2004

The Radio Kid and Bob are back at it again. Talking about radio.


Radio Serena Show 157

On this edition of Radio Serena, Jen Tissot, Bob Cavanaugh, and Serena pay tribute to Neil Peart, the drummer of the now defunct band Rush. Peart died earlier this month at age 67.
Segment 1. Tribute produced by Jen Tissot
Song 1. Tom Sawyer – Rush
Song 2. Not Fade Away – Rush
Song 3. Far Cry – Rush
Song 4. The Garden – Rush
Song 5. Natural Science – Rush
Song 6. Marathon - Rush