Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Clearing the Static 1847

Another discussion of radio happenings across the country, including in Idaho, Wisconsin, Colorado and Alabama. Plus, a debate about whether satellite services could ever sound just as good, or better, than locally programmed formats.


Radio Serena Show 100 - All Request Show

Song 1. Celebration - Kool and The Gang
Song 2. Chantilly lace - Big Bopper
Song 3. I Knew I Loved You -“ Savage Garden
Song 4. All Deliberate Speed -€“ Mae
Song 5. Asia Minor - Kokomo
Song 6. God Only Knows -€“ The Beachboys
Song 7. Sound of Light€ -“ Hanson
Song 8. Joyful Noise - Hanson
Song 9. Daydream Believer -€“ Anne Murray
Song 10. The Lament of the Cherokee Indian
Reservation - Paul Revere and the Raiders
Song 11. Let’s Dance -€“ Chris Montez
Song 12. Ain’t Got a Home -€“ Clarence Frogman Henry
Song 13. Who You Say I am -€“ Hillsong Worship


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Clearing the Static 1846

It's a visit with long time friend of the program Bob Cavanaugh. He and The Radio Kid discuss radio developments in Seattle and elsewhere for the hour.


Radio Serena Show 99

Song 1. Nothing But The Taillights – Clint Black
Song 2. Which Way You Going Billy – Poppy Family
Song 3. Raaz 2 vs DJ NYK - Maahi (Progressive Dreamy Trance Mix)
Song 4. Earth Party - Kevin Eubanks
Song 5. Kansas City – Wilber Harrison
Song 6. Kansas City – Wanda Jackson
Song 7. Dream – Everly Brothers
Song 8. La Hija De Lola - Charlie Palmieri
Song 9. Disciples of California - The Skygreen Leopards
Song 10. La Ninia De Colorado -Los Del Reo
Song 11. I Really Love You - The Stereos
Song 12. Talk Talk - The Arrows


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Clearing the Static 1845

Issues discussed on this week's show include:
1.  The stunt in Seattle, WA continues with "Kiss" stating they are
now under construction.
2.  There's a new "Lake" in Rochester and the Fingerlakes -- curticy
of the Fingerlakes Radio Group.  It's an AAA-ish Soft Classics format.
3.  Sarkes Tarzan expands in FT. Wayne with the purchase of a Regional
Mexican formatted station.  Will they change the format?
4.  A Heavy Metal "Rebel" launches in Chicago, IL.
5.  Louisville, KY gets a Country/Southern Rock hybrid station.
6. Rhode Island Public Radio becomes "The Public's Radio" as it
expands outside of Rhode Island.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Radio Serena Show 98: All Request Show

This time on Radio Serena, it's an hour of your requests as we present another all request show.
Song 1. Hands - Jewel
Song 2. What I Am - Edie Brickel and New Bohemians.
Song 3. Over The River and Through the woods - Larry Gross
Song 4. Love the way you lie - RiHanna
Song 5. Granuaile Barndance / The Circus Polka
Song 6. Rhythm Of the Night - Corona
Song 7. Bless This Morning Year - Helios
Song 8. The Master Painter - Phil Harris
Song 9. Temptation Eyes - The Grass Roots
Song 10. Breaktown - Hanson
Song 11. Coppe - Caramel
Song 12. Shadows Of The Night - Pat Bennitar
Song 13. Swinging Safari - Billy Vaughn


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Radio Serena Show 97

Song 1.  By Jeeves - Steven Pacey, Nicholas Haverson, and Company -
1996 (London Cast Recording)
Song 2.  Surfin’ Safari – The Beachboys
Song 3.  Step In Time – Mary Poppins Soundtrack
Song 4.  DR. Jones – Aqua
Song 5.  So Fine - The Fiestas
Song 6.  She Blinded Me with Science - Thomas Dolby
Song 7.  That’s Just The Way It Is – The Rembrants
Song 8.  Shake, Raddle and Roll – Big Joe Turner
Song 9.  The Mother We Share – Churches
Song 10.  Everything’s gonna be all right – Sweet Box
Song 11.  Walking in the Rain - The Ronettes
Song 12.  Graceland – Paul Simon


Clearing the Static 1844

Program topics and agenda coming soon.


Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Radio Kid's Rant 101: Serena's Cheerleading Story

During this episode Serena talks about a cheerleading experience she had racently


Saffron Says 49: Saffron Says Oh Shoot I Got A Date

in this episode Saffron talks about her first date with a girl.  In media analysis she reviews the South Park episode "It Hits The Fan"

2 Girls 1 Name 32

this is the 32nd installment of the show


Friday, November 2, 2018

Saffron Says 48: Saffron Says Created Beings Are Bizarre

In this episode Saffrons continues a 2 part series on born beings in fiction vs. created beings in fiction and how they differ in behavior in their respective series.

In The Middle 40 Brett Kavanaugh

In this episode The Radio Kid discusses the trial with Brett Kavanaugh


2 Girls 1 Name 31

In this episode The Radio Kid realizes the error of her ways

Thursday, November 1, 2018

CClearing THe Static 1843

Issues on this week's CTS include:

1.  A haritage CHR station is stunting in Seattle, WA.  Is a format
change under way there?
2.  Down the road in Portland, OR, KBFF (95.5) becomes Evil -- "Live"
spelled backwards -- playing all Halloween music.
3.  We discuss how radio was impacted by Hurricane Michael.
4.  A proposal from a community radio group may open up new spectrum
for community radio, and in an unlikely place.

Saffron Says 47: Saffron Says How Does THis Logic

In this episode Saffron tries to make logical sense out of the magic in Once Upon A Time 

The Radio Kid's Rant 100: How I Got Into Radio Part 2

In this episode the radio kid's radio saga continues