Thursday, July 30, 2015

CTS Extra 23: Jammin' 105.5 3KJ

This time on CTS Extra, we're off to Klamath Falls, Oregon to listen to a
very unusual CHR station that puts heavy emphasis on new music. The
station profiled this time is Wine Broadcasting owned KKKJ "Jammin' 105.5
3KJ." To demonstrate how much music is featured that is not on the top
10 or 15 of the top 40 charts, we will listen to 2 airchecks of 3KJ. 
While this station is fully automated, pay close attention to the
amount of new music featured on this station, as opposed to your
typical CHR station. This time on CTS Extra, it's "Jammin' 105.5 3KJ."


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CTS Extra 22: The Path to Cross the Lake to Get to Rock City

Since it can be boring to stay in one place all the time, today on CTS
Extra, we're going to take a little journey through the adventurous
world of the Deep Classic Rock/AAA hybrid format. To start, we need to
travel down the Path, that's WQTL "106.1 The Path" in Tallahassee,
Florida.  We feature this station's broad format, and talk about its
specialty shows as well. All this amidst rumors of a format change at
the Red Hills owned station. The Path will then take us to The Lake,
"107.7 The Lake" WLKK-HD2. While this isn't the first place this
format was heard, this is the first place we here at Clearing The
Static heard the format back in 2004, and were impressed by it. At
that time, the Deep Classic Rock format was heard on the main analog
signal of 107.7 FM. But, because 107.7's transmitter was all the way
in Whethersfield Township, and "The Lake" was being smoked by "97 Rock"
(WGRF), to keep it from drying up, it was placed on the HD2 channel of
107.7. We will swim the lake, and listen to how the tides of time have
changed the format just a little to become more hit driven. Once we
cross the lake, we will have made it to "Rock City", WZAX "99.3 Rock
City" in Rocky Mount, North Carolina  While this station has a more traditional
Classic Rock format, I chose this as our destination to show you how
Classic Rock is moving ahead in time into the 90's, and away from the
60's, and early 70's.  So put on your hiking shoes, swim suits, and
city street gear, because on this edition of CTS Extra, we're taking
the Path to cross the Lake to get to Rock City!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-26-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, Fox Sports returns to Syracuse on a full time basis. Could a big FM signal be preparing to flip formats in Kingston, Ontario? And, are paywalls for radio news websites fair? We debate and discuss. It's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CTS Extra 21: Sounds Like L.A.

Back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, there was a sound that defined a
generation. A sound of guitars, loud drums, and long sets of music. 
Unfortunately, most Classic Rock stations only play the songs that made
it to the mainstream, and didn't do the sound justice. However, from
time to time, some radio stations buck this trend, and give you a sound
experience. Letting the music speak for itself through true album
cuts. One such station is KSWD "100.3 The Sound" from Los Angeles, California.
The station has features that maintain and bring back the sound for
those who remember it, and bring that vibrant sound to new ears such
as Vinyl Wednesdays, B Sides at 11, and a feature you will hear in the
aircheck, Live at 5. Unfortunately, Bonneville International is
swapping this station to Entercom for 4 stations in Denver as part of
Entercom's acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media. Entercom is known
for running its Classic Rock formats in a more traditional manner,
meaning the sound will become tinny and narrow, like most Classic
Rock stations. So, let's enjoy the Sound while we can. If you grew up
during that time, and were a California Rock lover, enjoy the memories.
If you are hearing this station for the first time, let me ask you,
are you ready to discover a new sound?  This time on CTS Extra, we're
hearing a sound. It sounds like L.A.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-19-15

We opoen with Radio News Now. Then, major cutbacks at various CBS Radio clusters. Also, we analyze the sale of the Lincoln Financial stations to Entercom. It's all here on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CTS Extra 20: Soft Rock 103.9

Last time on CTS Extra, we took a listen to two very distinct AC radio
stations. One of those stations, WRMM in Rochester, NY, played a fair
amount of currents, while still maintaining some of the softer staples
of the format. This time, we're going to feature another such station,
WWFW "Soft Rock 103.9" from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pay close attention to
the music mix, and how local the station sounds under Adams ownership. 
Just relax, and enjoy the music, as this time on CTS Extra, we listen
to Soft Rock 103.9.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CTS Extra 19: Sunny and Warm With a Chance of AC

While I am no meteorologist, I am a radio listener. As such, I can
tell you that the winds of change have been blowing over the AC format
for a few years now. This has led to near drought conditions for those
who yearn for the traditional AC format, but still with the modern
songs thrown in, as many stations have changed the thermometer to a
more current version of the format. One such station that has
apparently done this is KSQN "Sunny 103" (103.1) in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
We're going to take a listen to this station, which promises a better
variety from the 70's to today. If that's what you're listening for,
though, you might get a cold chill! Don't worry. Our next aircheck
will warm you up. Maybe literally, as we'll then take a listen to
WRMM "Warm 101.3" from Rochester, New York. This station, which has been in
the AC format since 1988, still plays some great softer staples of the
format, while managing to play a fair amount of currents, as well. 
There's no need to bring along jackets, hats or gloves for this CTS
extra, as we've checked the weather forecast, and for this CTS extra,
it's Sunny and Warm with a chance of AC.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-12-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we present an aircheck of WGMM (Gem 98.7) in the Elmira-Corning market. This is an extension of the past few CTS Extras where we have profiled other stations in the same market. After that, The Radio Kid shares some thoughts on changes happening within some of the radio trades. Some may be shutting down soon while others are no longer completely free. Which ones? Find out on this edition of CTS from GCR.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CTS Extra 18: Elmira's Met Gets Its Wings

It's another Kid's Corner edition of CTS Extra, and we're staying in
the Southern Tier of New York state this time, as we head to the
Elmira/Corning market. We're going to take a listen to the options
available to rock fans in the market, starting with WMTT (94.7),
which is branding as "95 The Met." While we are talking about a
Classic Rock radio station, and not the baseball team in New York or
Binghamton, it is still a mystery how the station got its nickname. 
What's even more interesting is the broad mix of Classic Rock you will
hear in this aircheck. And, you won't believe who's doing the midday
shift! (Press play, and find out). From there, we'll take a listen to
WNGZ ("Wings 104.9", a former competitor to "The Met", which has
recently shifted to a Mainstream Rock format.You'll notice a broad
music mix, and some very creative imaging. So, grab a seat, and be
ready to use your "wings" to fly towards your speakers, and watch out
for stray "Met" vintage classics, as, on this edition of CTS Extra,
Elmira's Met Gets Its Wings.


Monday, July 6, 2015

CTS Extra 17: Backlogged Radio News Now

We play catch-up this time on CTS Extra. You'll hear a complete rundown of format flips and station sales for the end of June and the beginning of July 2015.


CTS Extra 16: WVIN Bath, NY

It's another Kid's Corner on this CTS Extra. For this episode, Jake Longwell joins The Radio Kid, as the station profiled here is WVIN (98.3) in Bath, New York. WVIN has a special place in the heart and mind of Jake, as he grew up in Bath in the 80s and 90s, and witnessed the many changes the small station underwent over the years. You will hear three airchecks of the station recorded in early July 2015. So, enjoy a piece of Southern Tier NY radio on this CTS extra.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-05-15

No newscast this week, as the Radio Kid's computer "ate" the newscast that was prepared for this edition of CTS. There will be a "backlogged" newscast appearing as an extra on this website very soon. On this show, some interesting developments in noncommercial radio in Syracuse. Also, three separate but related stories concerning the FCC and its policies. The end of an era at Clear Channel/IHeart Media. And, the PPM once again shown to be detrimental to unique music formats. That's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.