Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CTS Extra 33: Kiss on the C-Isle

This time on CTS Extra, we are featuring 2 airchecks by request from
Rebecca in Moravia, NY, as she requested them for her birthday in early
October.  The first station she requested was WLYK "Kiss 102.7" from
Cape Vincent, NY.  Despite being licensed in the US, WLYK is LMA'd by
Canadian company Rogers Communications, and programs "Kiss" as a CHR
station targeting Kingston. Not mentioned in this extra is that WLYK is
controversial in that it is one of the stations being investigated by
the CRTC for targeting Canadian listeners from the US, therefore, it
is able to avoid Canadian Content (Cancon) rules. And, as Sean Ross
once observed in his column, Rogers is only programming 20% CanCon on
WLYK, VS the 45% it must program on actual Canadian licenses.  Cancon
or not, however, as you listen to this aircheck, you will find WLYK to
be current and up to date with it's presentation.  After exchanging
some kisses with Kingston, we travel to the next stop on Rebecca's
virtual radio birthday listening tour, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  There,
we'll listen to Standards/Easy Favorites station CISL "C-Isle 650."
This station plays a wide variety of oldies, and softer rock favorites
for Vancouver, and for Richmond, the city that is the island in CISL
and C-ISLe. We hope that you will enjoy these airchecks on this CTS
Extra, and, Rebecca, we hope these airchecks make your birthday a
little happier, as, per your request, on this edition of CTS Extra...
it's a Kiss on the C-Isle.


GCR Changes as it Remains the Same.

Changes are coming to Geneva Community Radio, and Global Community Radio. What is Global Community Radio? What changes are coming to Geneva Community Radio. Listen to this podcast and find out!


Clearing the Static 09-27-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, Christmas music on the radio already in September! We discuss. We discuss Jake FM's Donald Trump stunt. A very interesting development in the Twin Cities where a religious broadcaster is getting a very sweet deal by selling its big FM signal in the market. Lastly, could Santa Rosa be getting a new commercial Classical station? Perhaps. It's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GCR offline as we relocate our streaming setup. CTS will be produced as normal.

Geneva Community Radio will be taken offline effective Thursday, September 24th. We are relocating our streaming setup. We will now have separate locations for our production facilities, still inside the Geneva Community Center, and our streaming operation will be moved back to its former base on Hamilton Street in Geneva.

This is being done to accommodate The Boys and Girls Club of Geneva which is in need of our former space in the community center for future club projects.

We will restore full time GCR streaming service as soon as possible. Check this space for the return of our normal program schedule.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We thank all of our listeners for their patience and understanding.

We are hoping to be back online by Sunday evening, 9/27. In the event we are not, we wanted our listeners to know that there will be a new CTS show this weekend. It will be uploaded to this website, and it will also air at its regular time on WQNA in Springfield, Illinois.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-20-15

A lot to talk about this week. We open with Radio News Now. Then, we discuss, among other things, Salem's purchase of the remaining Radio Disney stations. What new formats will they put on those frequencies? And what of the new Conservative Talk format on 1260 in Boston? Is IHeart going to bring back Smooth Jazz to AM 1480 after the Pope's visit to Philadelphia? We're not betting on it! SiriusXM brings the Escape channel BACK to it's satellite lineup. And, the controversy surrounding a Denver DJ and Taylor Swift. Whom do we believe? That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Friday, September 18, 2015

CTS Extra 32 - Y94 Fargo

This time on CTS Extra, we present an aircheck of Y94 FM from Fargo, North Dakota. Thanks to our friend and frequent CTS contributor Bob Cavanaugh for making this CTS Extra possible.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-13-15

We welcome our first terrestrial radio affiliate, WQNA (88.3) in Springfield, Illinois. Then, it's on to Radio News Now. After that, we talk about the new Country station in Springfield. Can a third Country station succeed in the market? We discuss. Then, an upstate NY radio company is expanding into South Carolina. Could this be the beginning of bigger plans? What about the format shake ups in Reno, Nevada? And, what will happen to 1260 in Boston? We ponder it all on this edition of CTS from GCR. Don't miss it!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-06-15

This time, it's an hour of discussion. We first appeal to listeners of web based radio stations to support the programs and stations of their choice by letting said programs and stations know that they have listeners! Then, we talk about AM Radio, and a possible draft of the FCC's plan to "revitalize" the band. But, are AM stations concerned about the AM band as a whole? Or, are they just looking to advance their own station(s)? We discuss. Lastly, another hot topic on this program is discussed once again. HD Radio. We hear two arguments both for and against the technology. Where do The Radio Kid and Jake sit on the HD Radio fence? You'll find out, but only if you listen to this episode of CTS from GCR!

Friday, September 4, 2015

CTS Extra 31: The Tale of the Wolf and the Dinosaur

Once upon a radio, on 102.7 in Santa Rosa, CA, there lived a quiet and
laid back wolf named KWVF.  The wolf loved to play Classic Hits for it's
listeners, but growled and reared it's head at the thought of playing a
repetitious playlist. Instead, The Wolf hired some laid back jocks, and
grabbed a hold of some old Wolfman Jack tapes, and howled it's way into
the market with what it called Classic Top 40.
Meanwhile, on 103.9 in Mexico, near Syracuse, NY, another animal was
interested in doing Classic Hits.  This animal was a dinosaur named
WNDR. Although it's name was WNDR, the dinosaur had fond memories of
both top 40 stations in Syracuse during the 1960's and 70's. WNDR
(1260) and WOLF (1490).  The dino therefore decided to honor them both
by presenting an energetic version of what it called Classic Top 40,
and hired former jocks of both stations. But that wasn't enough for
this dinosaur. Like the hungry predator it was, it also gobbled up WMBO
(1340) in Auburn, and several FM translators, and by 2015, this
Dinosaur prowled the market proudly with back in the day formatics, and
great listener interaction. Plunging it's teeth and ratings grabbing
strength into it's 2 competitors in the market.
Now, many in the radio community said the Wolf and the Dinosaur were
never to meet. But a podcasting component of a show for the
broadcasting industry made that happen by presenting an aircheck each
of both The Wolf and The Dinosaur.  Listeners of this show were able to
observe them side by side, no longer having the radio landscapes of
Santa Rosa or Syracuse as boundaries. Now, the 2 different approaches
to the format in all their wide variation from average Classic Hits
stations can be heard by all who hear this extra. So which one is
better?  Or, are both animals just as listenable? Only you can help end
this fairy tale as, on this edition of CTS Extra, we present The Wolf
and The Dinosaur.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CTS Extra 30: It's AM Radio, Kids!

We've spoken on the program before about the magic of the AM band, and
have discussed in great detail possible resolutions to save AM radio. 
At the heart of this discussion is the idea that sound matters, and
sound is horrible on AM. On this edition of CTS Extra, you get to be the
judge of that. Firstly, as many of you have requested, you will hear an
aircheck of me DXing my radio at my DXing station at night.  This is a
full band scan, lasting a little over fifty minutes in length.  This
is a direct recording, so I don't vocalize what stations are being
picked up.  I hope, however, that you will find it an enjoyable listen
to what's left of the AM band. One of the arguments we've had on the
show is whether or not content can still save AM. This amidst a new FCC
proposal to revitalize AM. A proposal that doesn't have a provision
for FM translator stations for AMs. However, I've argued on the program
that they aren't needed if the content can be great, and, in some
cases, contemporary.  One such content provider was Radio Disney, which
operated a string of AM stations until August of last year, when it
started to sell them off.  One of the stations now sold is KKDZ (1250)
in Seattle, Washington. However, the new owners haven't taken over yet, and
it's still playing the pre-teen pop music.  Thanks to Seattle area
listener Bob Cavenaugh, we have an aircheck of this station.  Although
the aircheck is unscoped, and filled with noise, in the second half of
this extra, we present to you the magic of listening to CHR on AM
radio. Hopefully, this will be as magical to you as seeing Mickey Mouse
for the first time.  I present this so that people may know the magic
of AM radio, and what good content can do.  So now, get out your DXing
tuners, and get ready for the magic. On this edition of CTS Extra,
It's AM Radio Kids!


Clearing the Static 08-30-15

This time, we discuss the tragedy which took place in Roanoke, Virginia on August 26th. Should we now start arming the media? We'll discuss. We talk about the latest streaming media developments. Do consumers find the use of multiple platforms for different stations to be confusing? Also, is the Alternative Rock format making a comeback? It seems to be. And, how does it feel when you're internet goes down for days at a time? We'll discuss all of this on this edition of CTS from GCR.