Saturday, August 22, 2015

Clearing the Static 08-23-15

It's an hour of discussion this week. The Radio Kid placed a call to the All Things Radio Live podcast. The discussion was on AM radio and the need for FM translators for AM stations. We discuss this in greater detail after playing the actual call from the podcast. Then, we spend the rest of the hour talking about the future of Classical music on Public radio. Is it time to reinvent the format? Or can it survive in its current form? We discuss.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CTS Extra 29: The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!

The dictionary says that a synonym for Rebel is non-conformist.  If
that's true, that definitely describes the radio station featured in
this edition of CTS Extra in concern to the Classic Rock format.  While
most stations in the format are moving their music into the 1990's,
WXTL "105.9 The Rebel" is resisting this trend, and is still playing
early 1960's classics in it's mix of music.  Additionally, The Rebel is
defying conventionality in the format by featuring specialty shows, and
features that go outside the norms for a Classic Rock station.  Then
again, with conventional conformist Classic Rocker "TK" (WTKW/WTKV) in
the market, The Rebel had to dare to be different. We're going to let
you hear some of the rebellion on this CTS Extra.  As you listen, take
note of the wide music mix the station plays.  This time on CTS
Extra, The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!


CTS Extra 28: WDCB 90.9

This time on CTS Extra, we feature WDCB (90.9) a mostly Jazz station
from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in the Chicago market. We explore WDCB's history, and evolution to the
mostly straight ahead Jazz approach the station carries now. 
Additionally, WDCB airs some very eclectic programming, and, if there
is enough interest in this station by listeners, we will feature a more
extensive profile of it for a Staticmentary.  If you are interested in
hearing more airchecks and perspective about this station, please email
me at For now, though, we feature an aircheck
of WDCB's Jazz format with afternoon jock Bruce Oscar.  On this edition
of CTS extra, it's WDCB 90.9.


Clearing the Static 08-16-15

We open the program with a lengthy rundown of format flips and station sales in Radio News Now. Then, it's on to Rochester, NY, where we discuss an interesting format tweak at one of the city's big FM stations. We then exptned our best wishes for success to a Finger Lakes broadcaster who is leaving the market to pursue a new "challenge" in Pennsylvania. Speaking of PA, Philadelphia now has two Catholic radio stations. What, if any, impact will this have on the market? It's all coming up on this edition of CTS!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

CTS Extra 27: Danbury Rocks at 103.7

It's always nice when listeners of the show can add additional
information, or be of some help.  This was the case this week in
concern to an aircheck we featured on a previous CTS Extra of Klamath
Falls, OR.  Listener Bob Cavanaugh shares that additional information
with us as we leave the state of Oregon for a while, and head off to
Danbury, Connecticut. There, we will listen to a new radio station.103.7, an
HD-2 fed translator with an Alternative Rock format featuring a wide
range of music from the genre. Owner Berkshire Broadcasting has some
harsh words about the old stale playlist of it's competitor WRKI
(95.1 "I95,") and you'll hear about that, and hear how Berkshire is
imaging the station in a new and creative way on this CTS Extra as
Danbury Rocks at 103.7.


CTS Extra 26: Astoria Feels Klammy

On the Oregon coast, you'll find a town called Astoria.  In said town,
if you tune your radio to 99.7, you'll start to feel a bit Klammy. But
don't worry; this is a good thing! That's the effect of listening to
KLMY "Klammy 99.7", a Hot AC radio station there.  Owned by Ohana Media
Group, this station manages to keep roots of the Hot AC format, while
still staying modern and relevant. As an example of this, you will hear
the station in our first aircheck with it's All 80's Lunch.  Also, why
shouldn't you judge a station before sampling it?  The Radio Kid will
explain as, on this edition of CTS Extra, Astoria Feels Klammy!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Clearing the Static 08-09-15

We open with a very busy Radio News Now. We talk about recent happenings in the AAA format. What of the expansion of Alpha Media? Is this a positive move toward more live and local radio? Finally, a commercial radio cluster complains about an LPFM attemptoing to do a commercial radio format. Our thoughts? Listen to this edition of CTS and find out!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CTS Extra 25: Oregon K-Flies on World Class Wings to Get to the Valley

When you see or hear the word or letters AAA, what do you think of? 
The American Automobile Association, maybe? How about AAA batteries? 
A popular Manga, perhaps? Well, did you know that AAA is also the
term used to label a radio format? The format's full name is Adult
Album Alternative. Whatever you may call it, AAA is known for playing
deep album cuts, and there are many variations on the
format. As AAA is one of The Radio Kid's favorite formats. Don't be
surprised if it is featured often here on CTS Extra.We've done that
to some extent already with the airchecks of the Classic Rock leaning
AAA stations last week, and with the aircheck of WLCE in the previous
CTS Extra. It's been a very busy week for the format, and, in light
of this, we're going to feature 2 more AAA stations that have been in
the news over the past week. Both of these stations are in the state
of Oregon, and are both owned by Bicoastal Media. First, we'll head to
Eugene, and, using World Class Airlines, our ears will KFLY over the
new format. You'll hear the station's very low-key presentation of
the format. Next, we'll fly on with quality and variety to the Valley,  KYVL "106.3 The Valley," that is, and take a listen to their new (at the time of this recording, 2 day old) format with it's acoustic lean,
and hear how the DJ is marketing the station to new perspective
listeners. Finally, you'll hear The Radio Kid's take on how Bicoastal
presents its formats. So buckle up, and make sure your antennas are
in their upright and locked positions, as, on this edition of CTS
Extra, Oregon K-Flies on World Class Airlines to get to the Valley.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTS Extra 24: Alice Lives in Springfield, but for How Long?

Have you ever met Alice? Chances are you have. She's been everywhere.
In books, movies, 1970's TV shows, one of the characters in that
annoying song by Smokey, why, she's even been to a place called
Wonderland! One of Alice's more recent stunts of appearance, however,
has been on radio stations, moving up and down the dial from city to
city playing various forms of music along the way. While Alice
normally likes bigger cities, one of her most recent homes has been in
Springfield, Illinois, where she's been living at WLCE "Alice 97.7" since
February of 2007 treating Springfieldites and Illinoisans alike
to a mix of AAA that is heavy on music discovery and Alternative music.
As you listen to this aircheck, you may notice the very low-key
presentation that Alice uses for the music. And, as you listen, you
may want to treasure this aircheck, and stream the station while you
can, as recent domain registrations discovered by industry trade
Radio Insight reveal that Alice may be evicted. WQLZ will have to get
used to not living next door to Alice, as it, and it's Active Rock
format, may be moving from sister Midwest Family owned 92.7 to the
97.7 frequency, leaving Springfield to say "Alice doesn't live
here anymore." While we will probably be airchecking Alice doing
whatever it is she does on some other station in another city, this
time on this edition of CTS Extra, Alice lives in Springfield, but for how long?


Clearing the Static 08-02-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we talk about the 2015 Radio Racket Reunion, a great time had by all. Next, WRCR, an AM station playing an unusual mix of music for the AM band. Will that last? Or, will they start brokering out their signal to those wanting to reach New York City? Lastly, we know which FCC field offices are to be closed. What impact will this have on the ability of the FCC to crack down on pirate radio? It's all coming up on this edition of CTS from GCR.