Friday, October 30, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-01-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we share some more listener feedback, especially from the Springfield area. Afterwards, we note the passing of Ed Walker, whose last OTR show on WAMU was last Sunday night. Moving on, The Radio Kid shares some observations based on their recent trip to Woodstock, and we drop hints about a future CTS Extra about the radio scene there. We answer a listener's question about a station in Knoxville, and we close with some observations about the fate of WNTI in Northern New Jersey. It's all on this edition of Clearing the Static. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clearing the Static 10-25-15

It's an all discussion edition of CTS this time. First, we answer some feedback sent in from a few listeners. Then, The Radio Kid shares his passionate thoughts on the unexpected retirement of Ed Walker, due to illness, from his longtime role as host of the Old Time Radio program The Big Broadcast, on WAMU in Washington, DC. What does this mean for up and coming sight impaired persons wishing to break into this business. Then, we discuss and debate the FCC's plan for AM revitalization. It will indeed include FM translators for AM stations. How will this help or hurt these stations? Finally, we discuss the latest happenings concerning Bubba the Love Sponge, and his attempt to tamper with the ratings in Tampa, FL. It's all here on this edition of CTS, still broadcast exclusively (for now) on WQNA Springfield.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CTS Extra 37: The Boss is Back

For this CTS Extra, we once again turn to our friend and guest host, Bob Cavenaugh. Here, Bob will be profiling Boss FM, 100.7 KPPT from Depot Bay/Lincoln City/Newport, Oregon. You'll hear an aircheck of this Classic Hits station, along with Bob's honest opinions about the station's overall programming and sound. This time on CTS Extra, the Boss is back!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CTS Extra 36: Hot 102.5 vs. 105 The Vibe

OK, quick! What's the hottest format in radio right now? Don't look at
the trades to cheat. I'll wait here.
Give up?  It's Classic Hip Hop. The format has been spreading like
wildfire over the past year in radio land, and, in some markets, there
are Classic Hip Hop battles between 2 or more stations. For your
entertainment on CTS Extra, we're going to have one of those aircheck
battles. This time between Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Classic Hip Hop
stations "Hot 102.5," a translator owned by IHeart Media, and "105 The
Vibe" WGVX (105.1), WRXP (105.3), and WGVZ (105.7), which are owned
by Cumulus. We'll sample a bit of each, and we'll let you decide the
winner. To do that, just please email us. So... Ladies and gentlemen,
take your seats! On this edition of CTS Extra... It's Hot 102.5 vs. 105
The Vibe in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clearing the Static 10-18-15

Posting this one a bit early this time, as The Radio Kid is away in Woodstock, NY this coming weekend. We have for you an interview with Jim Pemberton. Jim is the Program Director of WQNA, 88.3 The Edge, Springfield, Illinois. We talk with him about the station, about his background in radio, and how he has been able to adapt as a blind person working in the radio industry. We hope you enjoy this interview.


Clearing the Static 10-11-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we talk about the latest happenings at Cumulus. Could changes be on the way as the company relocates corporate HQ to New York? Possibly. We'll discuss. Finally, Jake expresses his thoughts on the sale of WNTI in New Jersey to a Public radio station. This fules the recurring debate he and The Radio Kid have had for years about campus and community radio. Should campus and community radio be required by law to adopt commercial style radio formats? Or, should campus and community radio be allowed to peacefully co-exist with commercial radio? The debate continues...


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CTS Extra 35: My Format Change

Most of the time here on CTS Extra, I feature a station in my corner
that I like to listen to, or one that has been in the news in recent
times.  This time, however, we're not going to listen to a station,
per se, but a format change. My format change. By now, you're probably
saying, "Huh?" OK, I'll explain.  The station changing formats is WHOF
"My 101.7" in Canton/Akron, OH. You'll hear the all 80's weekend
leading up to "something different coming at 9 AM," and you'll hear an
aircheck of what happened when all was unveiled. Not only will you hear
an interesting twist in direction in how "something different" is going
to play out on Canton's "My," but you will learn about the interesting
history of the 101.7 frequency, and the AM station that once called
101.7 it's FM sister. (For the record, I think this is the only time in
history we've ever seen Clear Channel do a reverse LMA.) I hope you're
ready, then, to hear something different, as on this edition of CTS
Extra, it's My Format Change!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

CTS Extra 34: From Sojo, Walk Vail's Mile

This time on CTS Extra, we profile two very different radio stations, as we go on a journey that will take us to South Jersey and then west to Colorado. First, we have an aircheck of WSJO (Sojo 104.9) from Egg Harbor City, NJ. The station serves its local community with an Adult CHR format. Then, we'll walk Vail's Mile, as we listen to KKVM (104.7) from Vail, CO. This station will likely soon be going away due to a change of ownership. Check out their automated AAA format, and judge for yourself. This time on CTS Extra, From Sojo, Walk Vail's Mile!


Clearing the Static 10-04-15

We open with a short Radio News Now this week. Then, we have audio from a recent radio chat on SamNet hosted by our frequent contributor, Paul Smith from Baltimore. Paul talks about what he heard on selected Washington, DC area radio stations during the Pope's visit to the city. After that, we talk briefly about the recent NAB/RAB show in Atlanta, and the big changes at Cumulus that seemed to come out during this event. Another topic discussed at this show was, yet again, AM revitalization. Are we going to see more FM translators for AM stations after all? We discuss, again. It's all here on CTS.