Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CTS Extra 43: Jake Longwell's Shows

So you've heard the interview I did with Jake Longwell, right?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Leave this page, and go listen to CTS Extra 42, and then please come back!  As for the rest of you, we are going to give you a small sample of what Jake Longwell's shows sound like, and the types of music he plays on his shows.  Produced under the Quality Radio Productions banner, these shows began in 2009, and are heard on college and community stations around the US.  I will give my opinions and assessments of each of the shows.  First, we'll listen to the Jazz Scene -- a show focusing on traditional straight ahead Jazz, before progressing to Jazz Progressions, a show dedicated to Jazz Rock Fusion and Avant-gard styles of Jazz.  We'll stop next at Lake Air to hear some Smooth Jazz and other contemporary music.  We must ask, however, is it really a lake?  Next, we'll stop and listen to Sounds from the Global Village, a program of world music, and hear about music from other lands we aren't usually exposed to in America.  We'll listen next to Classics and Beyond, a Classical music showcase, before enjoying some Old Time Radio in the Upstate Radio Theatre.  If you've been wondering what Jake Longwell is up to at Quality Radio Productions, here's your chance to find out.  When you are done listening to this extra, please visit the Quality Radio Productions website at to hear more.  On this edition of CTS Extra... we present Jake Longwell's shows.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 33: Trump and the Birther Issue

This time, The Radio Kid comments on Donald Trump's recent remarks on the so-called birther issue.

Clearing the Static 1639

Plenty to talk about this week. We have developments from the Catskill region of NY, and Jake laments a new translator on the air in the Finger Lakes. Also, a new HD to translator format is coming to Springfield, Illinois, though we don't yet know what it will be. We address the question of why we "gripe" so much on this program. Later, we discuss the impending sale of WILD in Boston to a Chinese language operator. Finally, some interesting developments in Myrtle Beach, as Colonial Broadcasting prepares to expand its cluster there. It's all ahead on this episode of CTS.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 32: Helping Those in Need

The Radio Kid updates us as their transition to Serena continues. But a frustrating aspect of this process, is not always being able to receive the help that they need. That is what this rant is mainly about.


Clearing the Static 1638

We open the show with a lot of feedback on a variety of issues from listeners in Nashville, Rochester, Modesto and Springfield. Then, we discuss a change in plans for the old KPLU in Tacoma, as it has been purchased by a new local group wanting to keep the NPR News and Jazz format as is. Also, we review the new online Me Music service which leads to a broader discussion of the Me TV Classic TV network. Finally, we touch on the new all 80s station that has come to Tulsa.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 31: Sounds of the Farmers' Market

This time, The Radio Kid is on location at the Oswego Farmers' Market.


Clearing the Static 1637

This time, we open by noting the tragic suicide death of New York state Assemblyman and radio talk show host Bill Nojay. Later, we stay in NY to talk about a new Variety Hits format in Utica, which leads to a broader discussion of why it seems markets like Utica get more innovative radio formats than larger markets like Syracuse. Then, we talk about Ben comming to Bend, Oregon. I Am Country is a new tag line produly being used by an AM station in Gainesville, Florida. A new Beautiful Music format in Michigan turns out to be a stunt. Commercial Classical is gone from the Santa Rose airwaves, we discuss reasons why, and how the format could possibly have been saved. Lastly, we acknowledge the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, and its impact on the radio community specifically. It's all here on this edition of CTS.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 30: Key LGBT Rights Advocates

This time, The Radio Kid pays tribute to four people whom they feel have been instrumental in obtaining more rights and recognition for the LGBT community.


CTS Extra 42: Jake Longwell Interview

For this CTS Extra, The Radio Kid interviews CTS co-host and producer Jake Longwell, as September 2016 marks 20 years of professional radio broadcasting for him. You'll hear Jake recall some of those early memories, and you'll learn about the various chapters in his career thus far. This is a three hour presentation, broken up into three one hour segments.

Listen: Part 1
Listen: Part 2
Listen: Part 3

Clearing the Static 1636

This week, we spend much of the hour discussing developments at Upstate Radio Group, the former Finger Lakes Radio Group. Many changes have taken place there, and we discuss them all, from the rebranding of the company to some format changes on their Finger Lakes FM music stations. Also, we touch on developments in Nashville, Modesto, Honolulu, Montpelier, Vermont and Hamilton, Ontario.