Saturday, December 26, 2015

Clearing the Static 12-20-15

Still more childhood reminiscing this week, as we address some listener feedback. This leads to a conversation about old time radio, something we are both very passionate about. But we do have a few current happenings to discuss, including major developments in Washington, D.C., and Denver. And, for the final time this year at least, we discuss Christmas music on the radio! It's all here on this edition of CTS!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Pemberton's Basement 12-13-15 (With Guest Hosts The Radio Kid and Jake Longwell)

Many CTS listeners have asked The Radio Kid and Jake Longwell to do a music show together. Well, this has finally happened! On 12/13/15, we had the pleasure of filling in for Jim Pemberton on his show, Pemberton's Basement. The show aired on WQNA Springfield, WTND Macomb, Illinois, ACB Radio Interactive, and The Rocker World Wide. The Kid and Jake trade off half hour sets of their own choosing. So, give the show a listen, and see what you think!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Clearing the Static 12-13-15

We welcome KGIG as a new affiliate. Also, RNN Headliens. Then, more developments concerning Geraldo Rivera and his lawsuite against Cumulus. Plus, more developments concerning Bubba the Love Sponge and WBRN in Tampa. We close with some reminiscing, per listener requests, between the Radio Kid and Jake about some of our favorite radio stations growing up.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Clearing the Static 12-06-15

This time, more feedback about community radio, and we talk about how both community and commercial radio could learn from each other and innovate. Also, The Radio Kid's harsh review of the new online version of Springfield's Alice AAA format. Finally, some developments concerning Cumulus, with lots more to come, we're sure.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-29-15

Another action packed discussion show this week. Pay special attention to our discussion about community radio. Yes, we know we said the matter was closed, but, some very interesting feedback came in which has changed The Radio Kid's outlook on community radio, and we wanted to share it with you all. Plus, sadly, we have to talk about some major cuts at various Bell Media clusters across Canada. What a Shame! And we have other odds and ends that come up during the hour. So, tune in and hear another episode of this radio show about radio!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-22-15

Lots to talk about this week. We begin with some headlines. THen, we put the debate over community radio vs. commercial radio in Springfield to rest. Not that we don't value feedback from our listeners, but, we feel we need to move on to other topics. Later on, more good news for Classical music fans. Also, more debate and discussion over AM revitalization, and how it could potentially harm LPFM. All that and more on this edition of CTS.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-15-15

An all discussion show this week, and there is a lot to talk about. Everything from the sale of Ibiquity to DTS, to Christmas music coming to central New York. More developments, such as they are, concerning the PPM. Also, a statement from the head of Town Square Media about their commitment to localism, and the company is going to be featured more prominently at state firs throughout the Midwest. How is this possible? You'll find out when you tune in to this edition of CTS.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-08-15

CTS turns five this week! We open with Radio News Now. Then, we mention the latest CTS Extra, paying tribute to the late Ed Walker. After that, we discuss some positive developments for Classical music, on both the commercial and public sides of the radio spectrum. We close with a few moments of reminiscing and reflecting back on some of the storeis we've talked about over the past five years. It's all here on this edition of CTS!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

CTS Extra 39: Remembering Ed Walker

On this special CTS Extra, we remember Ed Walker by recounting his many
accomplishments, and by presenting airchecks of his last show -- aired
on WAMU (88.5) Washington, DC.  Ed Walker, believed to be the first
blind american in radio, and the host of the Big Broadcast OTR show on
WAMU, died on October 26th, 2015 -- just hours after his final Big
Broadcast show aired.  We honor him on this CTS Extra.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Clearing the Static 11-01-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we share some more listener feedback, especially from the Springfield area. Afterwards, we note the passing of Ed Walker, whose last OTR show on WAMU was last Sunday night. Moving on, The Radio Kid shares some observations based on their recent trip to Woodstock, and we drop hints about a future CTS Extra about the radio scene there. We answer a listener's question about a station in Knoxville, and we close with some observations about the fate of WNTI in Northern New Jersey. It's all on this edition of Clearing the Static. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clearing the Static 10-25-15

It's an all discussion edition of CTS this time. First, we answer some feedback sent in from a few listeners. Then, The Radio Kid shares his passionate thoughts on the unexpected retirement of Ed Walker, due to illness, from his longtime role as host of the Old Time Radio program The Big Broadcast, on WAMU in Washington, DC. What does this mean for up and coming sight impaired persons wishing to break into this business. Then, we discuss and debate the FCC's plan for AM revitalization. It will indeed include FM translators for AM stations. How will this help or hurt these stations? Finally, we discuss the latest happenings concerning Bubba the Love Sponge, and his attempt to tamper with the ratings in Tampa, FL. It's all here on this edition of CTS, still broadcast exclusively (for now) on WQNA Springfield.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CTS Extra 37: The Boss is Back

For this CTS Extra, we once again turn to our friend and guest host, Bob Cavenaugh. Here, Bob will be profiling Boss FM, 100.7 KPPT from Depot Bay/Lincoln City/Newport, Oregon. You'll hear an aircheck of this Classic Hits station, along with Bob's honest opinions about the station's overall programming and sound. This time on CTS Extra, the Boss is back!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CTS Extra 36: Hot 102.5 vs. 105 The Vibe

OK, quick! What's the hottest format in radio right now? Don't look at
the trades to cheat. I'll wait here.
Give up?  It's Classic Hip Hop. The format has been spreading like
wildfire over the past year in radio land, and, in some markets, there
are Classic Hip Hop battles between 2 or more stations. For your
entertainment on CTS Extra, we're going to have one of those aircheck
battles. This time between Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Classic Hip Hop
stations "Hot 102.5," a translator owned by IHeart Media, and "105 The
Vibe" WGVX (105.1), WRXP (105.3), and WGVZ (105.7), which are owned
by Cumulus. We'll sample a bit of each, and we'll let you decide the
winner. To do that, just please email us. So... Ladies and gentlemen,
take your seats! On this edition of CTS Extra... It's Hot 102.5 vs. 105
The Vibe in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clearing the Static 10-18-15

Posting this one a bit early this time, as The Radio Kid is away in Woodstock, NY this coming weekend. We have for you an interview with Jim Pemberton. Jim is the Program Director of WQNA, 88.3 The Edge, Springfield, Illinois. We talk with him about the station, about his background in radio, and how he has been able to adapt as a blind person working in the radio industry. We hope you enjoy this interview.


Clearing the Static 10-11-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we talk about the latest happenings at Cumulus. Could changes be on the way as the company relocates corporate HQ to New York? Possibly. We'll discuss. Finally, Jake expresses his thoughts on the sale of WNTI in New Jersey to a Public radio station. This fules the recurring debate he and The Radio Kid have had for years about campus and community radio. Should campus and community radio be required by law to adopt commercial style radio formats? Or, should campus and community radio be allowed to peacefully co-exist with commercial radio? The debate continues...


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CTS Extra 35: My Format Change

Most of the time here on CTS Extra, I feature a station in my corner
that I like to listen to, or one that has been in the news in recent
times.  This time, however, we're not going to listen to a station,
per se, but a format change. My format change. By now, you're probably
saying, "Huh?" OK, I'll explain.  The station changing formats is WHOF
"My 101.7" in Canton/Akron, OH. You'll hear the all 80's weekend
leading up to "something different coming at 9 AM," and you'll hear an
aircheck of what happened when all was unveiled. Not only will you hear
an interesting twist in direction in how "something different" is going
to play out on Canton's "My," but you will learn about the interesting
history of the 101.7 frequency, and the AM station that once called
101.7 it's FM sister. (For the record, I think this is the only time in
history we've ever seen Clear Channel do a reverse LMA.) I hope you're
ready, then, to hear something different, as on this edition of CTS
Extra, it's My Format Change!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

CTS Extra 34: From Sojo, Walk Vail's Mile

This time on CTS Extra, we profile two very different radio stations, as we go on a journey that will take us to South Jersey and then west to Colorado. First, we have an aircheck of WSJO (Sojo 104.9) from Egg Harbor City, NJ. The station serves its local community with an Adult CHR format. Then, we'll walk Vail's Mile, as we listen to KKVM (104.7) from Vail, CO. This station will likely soon be going away due to a change of ownership. Check out their automated AAA format, and judge for yourself. This time on CTS Extra, From Sojo, Walk Vail's Mile!


Clearing the Static 10-04-15

We open with a short Radio News Now this week. Then, we have audio from a recent radio chat on SamNet hosted by our frequent contributor, Paul Smith from Baltimore. Paul talks about what he heard on selected Washington, DC area radio stations during the Pope's visit to the city. After that, we talk briefly about the recent NAB/RAB show in Atlanta, and the big changes at Cumulus that seemed to come out during this event. Another topic discussed at this show was, yet again, AM revitalization. Are we going to see more FM translators for AM stations after all? We discuss, again. It's all here on CTS.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CTS Extra 33: Kiss on the C-Isle

This time on CTS Extra, we are featuring 2 airchecks by request from
Rebecca in Moravia, NY, as she requested them for her birthday in early
October.  The first station she requested was WLYK "Kiss 102.7" from
Cape Vincent, NY.  Despite being licensed in the US, WLYK is LMA'd by
Canadian company Rogers Communications, and programs "Kiss" as a CHR
station targeting Kingston. Not mentioned in this extra is that WLYK is
controversial in that it is one of the stations being investigated by
the CRTC for targeting Canadian listeners from the US, therefore, it
is able to avoid Canadian Content (Cancon) rules. And, as Sean Ross
once observed in his column, Rogers is only programming 20% CanCon on
WLYK, VS the 45% it must program on actual Canadian licenses.  Cancon
or not, however, as you listen to this aircheck, you will find WLYK to
be current and up to date with it's presentation.  After exchanging
some kisses with Kingston, we travel to the next stop on Rebecca's
virtual radio birthday listening tour, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  There,
we'll listen to Standards/Easy Favorites station CISL "C-Isle 650."
This station plays a wide variety of oldies, and softer rock favorites
for Vancouver, and for Richmond, the city that is the island in CISL
and C-ISLe. We hope that you will enjoy these airchecks on this CTS
Extra, and, Rebecca, we hope these airchecks make your birthday a
little happier, as, per your request, on this edition of CTS Extra...
it's a Kiss on the C-Isle.


GCR Changes as it Remains the Same.

Changes are coming to Geneva Community Radio, and Global Community Radio. What is Global Community Radio? What changes are coming to Geneva Community Radio. Listen to this podcast and find out!


Clearing the Static 09-27-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, Christmas music on the radio already in September! We discuss. We discuss Jake FM's Donald Trump stunt. A very interesting development in the Twin Cities where a religious broadcaster is getting a very sweet deal by selling its big FM signal in the market. Lastly, could Santa Rosa be getting a new commercial Classical station? Perhaps. It's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GCR offline as we relocate our streaming setup. CTS will be produced as normal.

Geneva Community Radio will be taken offline effective Thursday, September 24th. We are relocating our streaming setup. We will now have separate locations for our production facilities, still inside the Geneva Community Center, and our streaming operation will be moved back to its former base on Hamilton Street in Geneva.

This is being done to accommodate The Boys and Girls Club of Geneva which is in need of our former space in the community center for future club projects.

We will restore full time GCR streaming service as soon as possible. Check this space for the return of our normal program schedule.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We thank all of our listeners for their patience and understanding.

We are hoping to be back online by Sunday evening, 9/27. In the event we are not, we wanted our listeners to know that there will be a new CTS show this weekend. It will be uploaded to this website, and it will also air at its regular time on WQNA in Springfield, Illinois.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-20-15

A lot to talk about this week. We open with Radio News Now. Then, we discuss, among other things, Salem's purchase of the remaining Radio Disney stations. What new formats will they put on those frequencies? And what of the new Conservative Talk format on 1260 in Boston? Is IHeart going to bring back Smooth Jazz to AM 1480 after the Pope's visit to Philadelphia? We're not betting on it! SiriusXM brings the Escape channel BACK to it's satellite lineup. And, the controversy surrounding a Denver DJ and Taylor Swift. Whom do we believe? That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Friday, September 18, 2015

CTS Extra 32 - Y94 Fargo

This time on CTS Extra, we present an aircheck of Y94 FM from Fargo, North Dakota. Thanks to our friend and frequent CTS contributor Bob Cavanaugh for making this CTS Extra possible.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-13-15

We welcome our first terrestrial radio affiliate, WQNA (88.3) in Springfield, Illinois. Then, it's on to Radio News Now. After that, we talk about the new Country station in Springfield. Can a third Country station succeed in the market? We discuss. Then, an upstate NY radio company is expanding into South Carolina. Could this be the beginning of bigger plans? What about the format shake ups in Reno, Nevada? And, what will happen to 1260 in Boston? We ponder it all on this edition of CTS from GCR. Don't miss it!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clearing the Static 09-06-15

This time, it's an hour of discussion. We first appeal to listeners of web based radio stations to support the programs and stations of their choice by letting said programs and stations know that they have listeners! Then, we talk about AM Radio, and a possible draft of the FCC's plan to "revitalize" the band. But, are AM stations concerned about the AM band as a whole? Or, are they just looking to advance their own station(s)? We discuss. Lastly, another hot topic on this program is discussed once again. HD Radio. We hear two arguments both for and against the technology. Where do The Radio Kid and Jake sit on the HD Radio fence? You'll find out, but only if you listen to this episode of CTS from GCR!

Friday, September 4, 2015

CTS Extra 31: The Tale of the Wolf and the Dinosaur

Once upon a radio, on 102.7 in Santa Rosa, CA, there lived a quiet and
laid back wolf named KWVF.  The wolf loved to play Classic Hits for it's
listeners, but growled and reared it's head at the thought of playing a
repetitious playlist. Instead, The Wolf hired some laid back jocks, and
grabbed a hold of some old Wolfman Jack tapes, and howled it's way into
the market with what it called Classic Top 40.
Meanwhile, on 103.9 in Mexico, near Syracuse, NY, another animal was
interested in doing Classic Hits.  This animal was a dinosaur named
WNDR. Although it's name was WNDR, the dinosaur had fond memories of
both top 40 stations in Syracuse during the 1960's and 70's. WNDR
(1260) and WOLF (1490).  The dino therefore decided to honor them both
by presenting an energetic version of what it called Classic Top 40,
and hired former jocks of both stations. But that wasn't enough for
this dinosaur. Like the hungry predator it was, it also gobbled up WMBO
(1340) in Auburn, and several FM translators, and by 2015, this
Dinosaur prowled the market proudly with back in the day formatics, and
great listener interaction. Plunging it's teeth and ratings grabbing
strength into it's 2 competitors in the market.
Now, many in the radio community said the Wolf and the Dinosaur were
never to meet. But a podcasting component of a show for the
broadcasting industry made that happen by presenting an aircheck each
of both The Wolf and The Dinosaur.  Listeners of this show were able to
observe them side by side, no longer having the radio landscapes of
Santa Rosa or Syracuse as boundaries. Now, the 2 different approaches
to the format in all their wide variation from average Classic Hits
stations can be heard by all who hear this extra. So which one is
better?  Or, are both animals just as listenable? Only you can help end
this fairy tale as, on this edition of CTS Extra, we present The Wolf
and The Dinosaur.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CTS Extra 30: It's AM Radio, Kids!

We've spoken on the program before about the magic of the AM band, and
have discussed in great detail possible resolutions to save AM radio. 
At the heart of this discussion is the idea that sound matters, and
sound is horrible on AM. On this edition of CTS Extra, you get to be the
judge of that. Firstly, as many of you have requested, you will hear an
aircheck of me DXing my radio at my DXing station at night.  This is a
full band scan, lasting a little over fifty minutes in length.  This
is a direct recording, so I don't vocalize what stations are being
picked up.  I hope, however, that you will find it an enjoyable listen
to what's left of the AM band. One of the arguments we've had on the
show is whether or not content can still save AM. This amidst a new FCC
proposal to revitalize AM. A proposal that doesn't have a provision
for FM translator stations for AMs. However, I've argued on the program
that they aren't needed if the content can be great, and, in some
cases, contemporary.  One such content provider was Radio Disney, which
operated a string of AM stations until August of last year, when it
started to sell them off.  One of the stations now sold is KKDZ (1250)
in Seattle, Washington. However, the new owners haven't taken over yet, and
it's still playing the pre-teen pop music.  Thanks to Seattle area
listener Bob Cavenaugh, we have an aircheck of this station.  Although
the aircheck is unscoped, and filled with noise, in the second half of
this extra, we present to you the magic of listening to CHR on AM
radio. Hopefully, this will be as magical to you as seeing Mickey Mouse
for the first time.  I present this so that people may know the magic
of AM radio, and what good content can do.  So now, get out your DXing
tuners, and get ready for the magic. On this edition of CTS Extra,
It's AM Radio Kids!


Clearing the Static 08-30-15

This time, we discuss the tragedy which took place in Roanoke, Virginia on August 26th. Should we now start arming the media? We'll discuss. We talk about the latest streaming media developments. Do consumers find the use of multiple platforms for different stations to be confusing? Also, is the Alternative Rock format making a comeback? It seems to be. And, how does it feel when you're internet goes down for days at a time? We'll discuss all of this on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Clearing the Static 08-23-15

It's an hour of discussion this week. The Radio Kid placed a call to the All Things Radio Live podcast. The discussion was on AM radio and the need for FM translators for AM stations. We discuss this in greater detail after playing the actual call from the podcast. Then, we spend the rest of the hour talking about the future of Classical music on Public radio. Is it time to reinvent the format? Or can it survive in its current form? We discuss.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CTS Extra 29: The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!

The dictionary says that a synonym for Rebel is non-conformist.  If
that's true, that definitely describes the radio station featured in
this edition of CTS Extra in concern to the Classic Rock format.  While
most stations in the format are moving their music into the 1990's,
WXTL "105.9 The Rebel" is resisting this trend, and is still playing
early 1960's classics in it's mix of music.  Additionally, The Rebel is
defying conventionality in the format by featuring specialty shows, and
features that go outside the norms for a Classic Rock station.  Then
again, with conventional conformist Classic Rocker "TK" (WTKW/WTKV) in
the market, The Rebel had to dare to be different. We're going to let
you hear some of the rebellion on this CTS Extra.  As you listen, take
note of the wide music mix the station plays.  This time on CTS
Extra, The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!


CTS Extra 28: WDCB 90.9

This time on CTS Extra, we feature WDCB (90.9) a mostly Jazz station
from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in the Chicago market. We explore WDCB's history, and evolution to the
mostly straight ahead Jazz approach the station carries now. 
Additionally, WDCB airs some very eclectic programming, and, if there
is enough interest in this station by listeners, we will feature a more
extensive profile of it for a Staticmentary.  If you are interested in
hearing more airchecks and perspective about this station, please email
me at For now, though, we feature an aircheck
of WDCB's Jazz format with afternoon jock Bruce Oscar.  On this edition
of CTS extra, it's WDCB 90.9.


Clearing the Static 08-16-15

We open the program with a lengthy rundown of format flips and station sales in Radio News Now. Then, it's on to Rochester, NY, where we discuss an interesting format tweak at one of the city's big FM stations. We then exptned our best wishes for success to a Finger Lakes broadcaster who is leaving the market to pursue a new "challenge" in Pennsylvania. Speaking of PA, Philadelphia now has two Catholic radio stations. What, if any, impact will this have on the market? It's all coming up on this edition of CTS!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

CTS Extra 27: Danbury Rocks at 103.7

It's always nice when listeners of the show can add additional
information, or be of some help.  This was the case this week in
concern to an aircheck we featured on a previous CTS Extra of Klamath
Falls, OR.  Listener Bob Cavanaugh shares that additional information
with us as we leave the state of Oregon for a while, and head off to
Danbury, Connecticut. There, we will listen to a new radio station.103.7, an
HD-2 fed translator with an Alternative Rock format featuring a wide
range of music from the genre. Owner Berkshire Broadcasting has some
harsh words about the old stale playlist of it's competitor WRKI
(95.1 "I95,") and you'll hear about that, and hear how Berkshire is
imaging the station in a new and creative way on this CTS Extra as
Danbury Rocks at 103.7.


CTS Extra 26: Astoria Feels Klammy

On the Oregon coast, you'll find a town called Astoria.  In said town,
if you tune your radio to 99.7, you'll start to feel a bit Klammy. But
don't worry; this is a good thing! That's the effect of listening to
KLMY "Klammy 99.7", a Hot AC radio station there.  Owned by Ohana Media
Group, this station manages to keep roots of the Hot AC format, while
still staying modern and relevant. As an example of this, you will hear
the station in our first aircheck with it's All 80's Lunch.  Also, why
shouldn't you judge a station before sampling it?  The Radio Kid will
explain as, on this edition of CTS Extra, Astoria Feels Klammy!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Clearing the Static 08-09-15

We open with a very busy Radio News Now. We talk about recent happenings in the AAA format. What of the expansion of Alpha Media? Is this a positive move toward more live and local radio? Finally, a commercial radio cluster complains about an LPFM attemptoing to do a commercial radio format. Our thoughts? Listen to this edition of CTS and find out!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CTS Extra 25: Oregon K-Flies on World Class Wings to Get to the Valley

When you see or hear the word or letters AAA, what do you think of? 
The American Automobile Association, maybe? How about AAA batteries? 
A popular Manga, perhaps? Well, did you know that AAA is also the
term used to label a radio format? The format's full name is Adult
Album Alternative. Whatever you may call it, AAA is known for playing
deep album cuts, and there are many variations on the
format. As AAA is one of The Radio Kid's favorite formats. Don't be
surprised if it is featured often here on CTS Extra.We've done that
to some extent already with the airchecks of the Classic Rock leaning
AAA stations last week, and with the aircheck of WLCE in the previous
CTS Extra. It's been a very busy week for the format, and, in light
of this, we're going to feature 2 more AAA stations that have been in
the news over the past week. Both of these stations are in the state
of Oregon, and are both owned by Bicoastal Media. First, we'll head to
Eugene, and, using World Class Airlines, our ears will KFLY over the
new format. You'll hear the station's very low-key presentation of
the format. Next, we'll fly on with quality and variety to the Valley,  KYVL "106.3 The Valley," that is, and take a listen to their new (at the time of this recording, 2 day old) format with it's acoustic lean,
and hear how the DJ is marketing the station to new perspective
listeners. Finally, you'll hear The Radio Kid's take on how Bicoastal
presents its formats. So buckle up, and make sure your antennas are
in their upright and locked positions, as, on this edition of CTS
Extra, Oregon K-Flies on World Class Airlines to get to the Valley.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTS Extra 24: Alice Lives in Springfield, but for How Long?

Have you ever met Alice? Chances are you have. She's been everywhere.
In books, movies, 1970's TV shows, one of the characters in that
annoying song by Smokey, why, she's even been to a place called
Wonderland! One of Alice's more recent stunts of appearance, however,
has been on radio stations, moving up and down the dial from city to
city playing various forms of music along the way. While Alice
normally likes bigger cities, one of her most recent homes has been in
Springfield, Illinois, where she's been living at WLCE "Alice 97.7" since
February of 2007 treating Springfieldites and Illinoisans alike
to a mix of AAA that is heavy on music discovery and Alternative music.
As you listen to this aircheck, you may notice the very low-key
presentation that Alice uses for the music. And, as you listen, you
may want to treasure this aircheck, and stream the station while you
can, as recent domain registrations discovered by industry trade
Radio Insight reveal that Alice may be evicted. WQLZ will have to get
used to not living next door to Alice, as it, and it's Active Rock
format, may be moving from sister Midwest Family owned 92.7 to the
97.7 frequency, leaving Springfield to say "Alice doesn't live
here anymore." While we will probably be airchecking Alice doing
whatever it is she does on some other station in another city, this
time on this edition of CTS Extra, Alice lives in Springfield, but for how long?


Clearing the Static 08-02-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we talk about the 2015 Radio Racket Reunion, a great time had by all. Next, WRCR, an AM station playing an unusual mix of music for the AM band. Will that last? Or, will they start brokering out their signal to those wanting to reach New York City? Lastly, we know which FCC field offices are to be closed. What impact will this have on the ability of the FCC to crack down on pirate radio? It's all coming up on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

CTS Extra 23: Jammin' 105.5 3KJ

This time on CTS Extra, we're off to Klamath Falls, Oregon to listen to a
very unusual CHR station that puts heavy emphasis on new music. The
station profiled this time is Wine Broadcasting owned KKKJ "Jammin' 105.5
3KJ." To demonstrate how much music is featured that is not on the top
10 or 15 of the top 40 charts, we will listen to 2 airchecks of 3KJ. 
While this station is fully automated, pay close attention to the
amount of new music featured on this station, as opposed to your
typical CHR station. This time on CTS Extra, it's "Jammin' 105.5 3KJ."


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CTS Extra 22: The Path to Cross the Lake to Get to Rock City

Since it can be boring to stay in one place all the time, today on CTS
Extra, we're going to take a little journey through the adventurous
world of the Deep Classic Rock/AAA hybrid format. To start, we need to
travel down the Path, that's WQTL "106.1 The Path" in Tallahassee,
Florida.  We feature this station's broad format, and talk about its
specialty shows as well. All this amidst rumors of a format change at
the Red Hills owned station. The Path will then take us to The Lake,
"107.7 The Lake" WLKK-HD2. While this isn't the first place this
format was heard, this is the first place we here at Clearing The
Static heard the format back in 2004, and were impressed by it. At
that time, the Deep Classic Rock format was heard on the main analog
signal of 107.7 FM. But, because 107.7's transmitter was all the way
in Whethersfield Township, and "The Lake" was being smoked by "97 Rock"
(WGRF), to keep it from drying up, it was placed on the HD2 channel of
107.7. We will swim the lake, and listen to how the tides of time have
changed the format just a little to become more hit driven. Once we
cross the lake, we will have made it to "Rock City", WZAX "99.3 Rock
City" in Rocky Mount, North Carolina  While this station has a more traditional
Classic Rock format, I chose this as our destination to show you how
Classic Rock is moving ahead in time into the 90's, and away from the
60's, and early 70's.  So put on your hiking shoes, swim suits, and
city street gear, because on this edition of CTS Extra, we're taking
the Path to cross the Lake to get to Rock City!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-26-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, Fox Sports returns to Syracuse on a full time basis. Could a big FM signal be preparing to flip formats in Kingston, Ontario? And, are paywalls for radio news websites fair? We debate and discuss. It's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CTS Extra 21: Sounds Like L.A.

Back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, there was a sound that defined a
generation. A sound of guitars, loud drums, and long sets of music. 
Unfortunately, most Classic Rock stations only play the songs that made
it to the mainstream, and didn't do the sound justice. However, from
time to time, some radio stations buck this trend, and give you a sound
experience. Letting the music speak for itself through true album
cuts. One such station is KSWD "100.3 The Sound" from Los Angeles, California.
The station has features that maintain and bring back the sound for
those who remember it, and bring that vibrant sound to new ears such
as Vinyl Wednesdays, B Sides at 11, and a feature you will hear in the
aircheck, Live at 5. Unfortunately, Bonneville International is
swapping this station to Entercom for 4 stations in Denver as part of
Entercom's acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media. Entercom is known
for running its Classic Rock formats in a more traditional manner,
meaning the sound will become tinny and narrow, like most Classic
Rock stations. So, let's enjoy the Sound while we can. If you grew up
during that time, and were a California Rock lover, enjoy the memories.
If you are hearing this station for the first time, let me ask you,
are you ready to discover a new sound?  This time on CTS Extra, we're
hearing a sound. It sounds like L.A.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-19-15

We opoen with Radio News Now. Then, major cutbacks at various CBS Radio clusters. Also, we analyze the sale of the Lincoln Financial stations to Entercom. It's all here on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CTS Extra 20: Soft Rock 103.9

Last time on CTS Extra, we took a listen to two very distinct AC radio
stations. One of those stations, WRMM in Rochester, NY, played a fair
amount of currents, while still maintaining some of the softer staples
of the format. This time, we're going to feature another such station,
WWFW "Soft Rock 103.9" from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pay close attention to
the music mix, and how local the station sounds under Adams ownership. 
Just relax, and enjoy the music, as this time on CTS Extra, we listen
to Soft Rock 103.9.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CTS Extra 19: Sunny and Warm With a Chance of AC

While I am no meteorologist, I am a radio listener. As such, I can
tell you that the winds of change have been blowing over the AC format
for a few years now. This has led to near drought conditions for those
who yearn for the traditional AC format, but still with the modern
songs thrown in, as many stations have changed the thermometer to a
more current version of the format. One such station that has
apparently done this is KSQN "Sunny 103" (103.1) in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
We're going to take a listen to this station, which promises a better
variety from the 70's to today. If that's what you're listening for,
though, you might get a cold chill! Don't worry. Our next aircheck
will warm you up. Maybe literally, as we'll then take a listen to
WRMM "Warm 101.3" from Rochester, New York. This station, which has been in
the AC format since 1988, still plays some great softer staples of the
format, while managing to play a fair amount of currents, as well. 
There's no need to bring along jackets, hats or gloves for this CTS
extra, as we've checked the weather forecast, and for this CTS extra,
it's Sunny and Warm with a chance of AC.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-12-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we present an aircheck of WGMM (Gem 98.7) in the Elmira-Corning market. This is an extension of the past few CTS Extras where we have profiled other stations in the same market. After that, The Radio Kid shares some thoughts on changes happening within some of the radio trades. Some may be shutting down soon while others are no longer completely free. Which ones? Find out on this edition of CTS from GCR.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CTS Extra 18: Elmira's Met Gets Its Wings

It's another Kid's Corner edition of CTS Extra, and we're staying in
the Southern Tier of New York state this time, as we head to the
Elmira/Corning market. We're going to take a listen to the options
available to rock fans in the market, starting with WMTT (94.7),
which is branding as "95 The Met." While we are talking about a
Classic Rock radio station, and not the baseball team in New York or
Binghamton, it is still a mystery how the station got its nickname. 
What's even more interesting is the broad mix of Classic Rock you will
hear in this aircheck. And, you won't believe who's doing the midday
shift! (Press play, and find out). From there, we'll take a listen to
WNGZ ("Wings 104.9", a former competitor to "The Met", which has
recently shifted to a Mainstream Rock format.You'll notice a broad
music mix, and some very creative imaging. So, grab a seat, and be
ready to use your "wings" to fly towards your speakers, and watch out
for stray "Met" vintage classics, as, on this edition of CTS Extra,
Elmira's Met Gets Its Wings.


Monday, July 6, 2015

CTS Extra 17: Backlogged Radio News Now

We play catch-up this time on CTS Extra. You'll hear a complete rundown of format flips and station sales for the end of June and the beginning of July 2015.


CTS Extra 16: WVIN Bath, NY

It's another Kid's Corner on this CTS Extra. For this episode, Jake Longwell joins The Radio Kid, as the station profiled here is WVIN (98.3) in Bath, New York. WVIN has a special place in the heart and mind of Jake, as he grew up in Bath in the 80s and 90s, and witnessed the many changes the small station underwent over the years. You will hear three airchecks of the station recorded in early July 2015. So, enjoy a piece of Southern Tier NY radio on this CTS extra.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clearing the Static 07-05-15

No newscast this week, as the Radio Kid's computer "ate" the newscast that was prepared for this edition of CTS. There will be a "backlogged" newscast appearing as an extra on this website very soon. On this show, some interesting developments in noncommercial radio in Syracuse. Also, three separate but related stories concerning the FCC and its policies. The end of an era at Clear Channel/IHeart Media. And, the PPM once again shown to be detrimental to unique music formats. That's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Staticmentary 01: Radio for Millennials

Welcome to the first of what we call Staticmentaries from Clearing The
Static.  Staticmentaries are long form documentary type presentations,
which, along with the CTS Extras, are mostly exclusive to the website. 
These staticmentaries will probably be either radio station profiles,
or investigations and analysis of a topic produced in a long form
documentary format.

Our first Staticmentary will be the latter type of presentation, as we
take a look at 3 radio stations that are targeting millennials, and the
different ways these stations are innovating in order to reach a
generation consumed by phone apps, and services like Spotify.  It's
something we've talked about on the program often, but now you'll get
to hear stations doing the type of innovation we've been talking about.

We'll take  a listen to "103.3 The App", an Alternative station from
San Antonio, TX.  Why are they called "The App?" What is their
philosophy about apps versus radio?  The answer may surprise you!

We'll listen to WROM "103.1 Radio M" from Rome, GA.  What type of
different music are they playing to appeal to high school and college
aged students?

Most tellingly, we'll listen to KSXY "Y100.9," an unusually
unconventional CHR from Santa Rosa, CA, which is mixing Country and
Alternative music into their CHR playlist.  We'll also chat via email
with KSXY PD Dray Lopez, and get his thoughts on what his station is
doing, and how CHR radio can innovate to reach Millennials.  Should
every CHR start doing this?  You'll find out what Lopez thinks of that
idea on this, our first Staticmentary from CTS -- Staticmentary 1 --
Radio For Millennials.

Special thanks to KSXY PD Dray Lopez for talking to us for this
Staticmentary.  In a note of disclosure, both "103.3 The App" and WROM
were contacted for this story, but did not return our requests for an interview.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

CTS Extra 15: Freddy Vette (Companion to Clearing the Static 06-28-15)

Seeing as we spent the last hour talking with Freddy Vette, we thought we'd offer up a few brief airchecks of his show.


Clearing the Static 06-28-15

This week, we spend an hour with Freddy Vette, the well-known Oldies DJ and afternoon personality on CJBQ (AM 800) in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Freddy is famous for his eclectic mix of Rock N Roll Oldies, as well as other "theater of the mind" elements that really make his show stand out. We talk with him about his show, about the direction AM radio is headed, radio in general in Canada, and so much more. We had a blast recording this special, and we hope you will have as much fun listening to it. We are taking the audio from Freddy's recording made at the CJBQ studios, as we felt the overall quality of this recording was better than the one we made here at GCR. Enjoy!


CTS Extra 14: Last Call for On Tap

So you've had a hard day at work, and you want to go to the bar with
the guys, and relax.  What's more, you'd like to go to that very same
bar to hear all the great Classic Rock bands you grew up with play live
for you, and talk with you.  Too bad you can't do that, right? Well,
no.  Actually, through the power of radio, VH1, and a Classic Rock show
named On Tap, you can!  The show originates from VH1's Rock lounge
above Times Square, and is hosted by Nick Carter. Through these live
broadcasts, some creativity, live bar-room ambience, and great
interviews, your radio dial magically becomes that bar in New York City
5 days a week, and all you need to do to show up is to tune your radio
to the station in your market that carries the syndicated show. (There
are 33 affiliates across the country.) Unfortunately, I do have sad
news about this bar, however.  VH1 has decided to cancel On Tap, as VH1
is moving out of radio, and in a different direction  As a result of
this fact, host Nick Carter and all his crew have issued one last call,
and are looking back on all the interviews they've done since the show
went on the air in August of 2012. We here at Clearing The Static have
decided to go to the rock lounge via radio one last time, and we're
taking you with us, and there's no cover charge!  We will make our
visit to the Rock Lounge by bar hopping to 2 of On Tap's affiliates. 
First, you will hear the show via WLLW "99.3 The Wall," serving Geneva,
NY, and the Finger Lakes region.  Then, we will stagger up the virtual
dial to hear the show as heard on WAQI (102.1 "Rock 102") Springfield,
MA. As you listen, if your ears and mind aren't too intoxicated by the
magic of hearing this place come alive via radio, you may want to pay
attention to how the 2 stations handle the adds and breaks within the
show. Okay. Buckle up, and make sure you have a designated listener
because we are about to have one last drink On Tap at the Rock Lounge
with Nick Carter. This week on CTS Extra, we drink, as VH1 says
"Last Call," and cuts off On Tap.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Clearing the Static 06-21-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we comment on some recent CTS Extras we have posted here on this website. Some listener feedback follows. After that, Rush Limbaugh has a new radio home in Boston. Will the new Talk 1430 have any impact in the market? Apple launching a new personality driven "radio" service for IOS platforms, how does The Radio Kid feel about this? Finally, ASCAP files a petition for reconsideration against Pandora's purchase of a South Dakota radio station. Will it do any good? We talk about it all on this edition of CTS from GCR.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CTS Extra 13: WABL 1570 AM

On the edge of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana market, you'll find the town of
Amite, and radio station WABL (1570 AM).  WABL, which has an associated
translator on 97.3 FM, plays a soft Oldies/Classic Hits format. The
station was recently sold from Spotlight Communications to Randy
Allen's Second Line Media. While the music is great, there are some
very interesting flaws that exist with this station, and so we thought
we'd aircheck it for you. This time on CTS Extra, it's our review of
WABL 1570.


Monday, June 15, 2015

CTS Extra 12: Mix 106.1 Vs. Rewind 105.7

One of the questions programmers are now grappling with is how to make
the demo for Classic Hits younger. As the demos who like 60's and 70's
music grow older, programmers are struggling with how to add 90's
titles to the mix of 80's music played on some stations. In most
markets, if you are lucky, you will find a station experimenting with
90's music in their playlist of Classic Pop hits. But, in Albany, NY,
an unusual situation is occurring, as there are now 2 stations in that
market featuring an 80's and 90's format. WAIX (1160, and it's
translator, branded as "Mix 106.1"), and Townsquare's WQSH ("Rewind
105.7"). On this Kid's Corner edition of CTS Extra, we're going to
put these 2 stations to the aircheck battle, and let you decide who's
the winner. Ladies and gentlemen! Take your seats!  This time, on CTS
Extra, it's Mix 106.1 Vs. Rewind 105.7 in the big 80's and 90's battle
in Albany!


Clearing the Static 06-14-15

We open with Radio News Now. Then, we have some news concerning the impending sale of the stations of the Finger Lakes Radio Group. Later, Pride FM in the twin cities, could this be rolled out in other markets? And, changes on the TV dial in Southeastern Ontario. It's all coming up on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

CTS Extra 10: Checking in With Mom

It seems that Mom does everything these days. Getting the kids up and
ready for school, fixing lunches and dinners, driving to sports events
and concerts, being a comfort when the kids need her, and now, we can
add radio to that list. At least, if you live in Lebanon, Indiana, and
surrounding Boone County, which is part of the Indianapolis market. 
The mom we're talking about is Radio Mom (WIRE 91.1), which has been
running a hyper-local female leaning CHR/Hot AC hybrid for years.  How
hyper-local, you ask?  Well, right away, from the start of the
aircheck, you'll notice a newscast. Well rounded, but centered on
Boone County.  And this is just the beginning of the surprises you will
find in this aircheck!  And the biggest surprise of all? This is a
very commercial sounding non-commercial station!  So, if you like
female oriented formatics mixed with hyper-local content, as I do, you'll
love to listen to your mom. Radio mom, that is!  This time on CTS
Extra, we're checking in with Mom!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CTS Extra 11: WNMB 900 AM

For me, personally, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was always a place for relaxing,
eating hot dogs, getting a sun tan, and enjoying the sounds of the
beach. One of my most memorable sounds of Myrtle Beach was radio
station WNMB (900 AM).  The radio station had a 50's and 60's music
format. But things have changed at WNMB. Former owner Bill Norman
died of controversial circumstances in 2012, and, since then, Norman's
wife, Linda Susan Norman, along with partner Matt Smith have made significant
changes to the station,  increasing the amount of 70's and 80's music
to the station's library.  The final change was a sale of the station in
May of 2015 to Beaty Broadcasting.  Beaty has yet to take over the
station, and so the Classic Hits music, and the great jingles are still
on the air. So, we thought we'd aircheck this station in this form
while we could. I forgot to say this in the Kid's Corner audio
presentation, but the website to stream the station is
So, get ready to head to the beach this week, and don't forget to keep
the sand out of your eyes as we listen to this aircheck of WNMB 900 AM
on this eddition of CTS Extra.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clearing the Static 06-07-15

On this edition, we open with Radio News Now. Then, a legal battle over the Lake AC format and identity in the Milwaukee market. Finally, Rush Limbaugh, what's up with his clearance in Indianapolis, and where will he end up on the Boston radio dial? Could the writing be on the wall for the "Excellence in Broadcasting" network? All this coming up for you on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CTS Extra 09: Y Max?

One of the more unique (and lesser known) formats out there is the Rock
Hits (or Mainstream Rock, or Rock 40) format. While the format isn't
heard in many places throughout the country, you can find it in great
abundance in the state of Pennsylvania, with 2 stations in the state
running the format. It is these 2 stations we are reviewing today for
our Kid's Corner CTS Extra. First, we will listen to the launch of, and
then an aircheck of WMQX (102.3) "Max 102" in Scranton, PA. This
station flipped from sports "The Sports Hub" in April with a very
unusual stunt, normal Pennsylvanians counting upward, which you will
hear in the first few minutes of the launch aircheck.. We will then
head a bit further south and east to Reading Pennsylvania to hear a
longstanding station in the format, WRFY (102.5) "Y102", which has
been in the format since the 1980s. As you listen, please take great
note of the similarities, but slight subtle differences between the
stations. On this CTS Extra, get ready to rock with the hits as we
ask, Y Max?


CTS Extra 08: Backlogged Radio News Now

This time, it's a look back at the station format flips and sales from the last two weeks in May 2015.

Friday, May 29, 2015

CTS Extra 07: What a Way to Turn Off the Power

This time on CTS Extra 07, it's a Kid's Corner aircheck of KVRK (89.7
Dallas, TX) "Power 89.7."  This is a Christian Rock radio station in
the non-commercial band.  However, Way Media, a fairly large Christian
operator, will soon find their way to turn off the Power at 89.7, and
will instead install their "Way FM" Christian AC format on the station. 
So, we figured, while we could, we'd give this station a listen.  On
this CTS Extra. What a way to turn off the power!


cTS Extra 06: FM 94.9 KBZT San Diego

It's another CTS Extra, and, this time, we're glad to tell you that we
are resuming the Kid's corner feature, as the digital recording
equipment we now use has been replaced (and we have plenty of backups
just in case!)  This time, as promised, we are going to stay in San
Diego, CA, and with the Lincoln Financial Media cluster.  This cluster,
along with the entire Lincoln Financial group, is in the process of
being bought by Entercom.  This proposed sale is being delayed for the
moment by the Department of Justice.  While we took it Easy on the city
of San Diego last time, this time, we're going to spice things up a
little bit with an aircheck of KBZT (94.9), an Alternative station that
has embraced the new direction Alt music has been going over the past
several years.  So, put on your Sun Tan lotion, and get ready to hit a
good music fest as you listen to this aircheck of KBZT. This time on
CTS Extra, it's FM 94.9 KBZT San Diego.


Clearing the Static 05-31-15

For this edition of the program, we talk with Rita O'Connell and Max Moulton of KNCE, a unique community radio station in Taos, New Mexico. We learn about how the station came to be, their programming strategies, and how they, unlike most community stations in the US, are funded primarily by commercial advertising. The Radio Kid and I learned a great deal from this conversation, and we hope you will as well.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Clearing the Static 05-24-15

We play "catch up" with backlogged Radio News Now to open the show this week. Also, controversy over a Public Radio station sale in California. And, we comment on the retirement of David Letterman. It's all here on this week's Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Clearing the Static 05-17-15

After Radio News Now, we talk about some developments in upstate New York, particularly in Ithaca and Bath. Later, we discuss how religious radio seems to be doing away with its younger leaning music formats. Why is this happening? And, we wrap up with thoughts on Norway's decision to turn off all analog FM broadcasts in 2017. Could something similar eventually happen here in the US? Tune in and hear what we have to say on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Clearing the Static 05-10-15

As it turns out, this edition of CTS never made it to air on GCR. We got our first taste of the Spring/Summer severe thunderstorm season here in Geneva, NY. The storm knocked out power at the Geneva Community Center, putting the station off the air during the time the show normally runs. Still, we have a show for you. We begin with Radio News Now. Also, we speculate on possible changes coming to 107.7 FM in Buffalo, NY. The Radio Kid gives a no holds barred rant about the new "format" at CHRY in Toronto, Ontario. How long will this "format" stay in place? We're not sure. Hear it all for yourself on this edition of CTS from GCR!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

CTS Extra 05: "Remembering Stan Freberg"

For this CTS Extra, The Radio Kid and Jake Longwell pay tribute to the late Stan Freberg. They feature many different aspects of his lengthy career in media. You'll hear everything from some of his classic parodies to excerpts from both volumes of "Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America", along with several of his unique radio and television commercials. Along with recollections and commentary from your hosts. So, grab your favorite snack or beverage, sit back, and enjoy over three hours of classic Stan Freberg.


Clearing the Static 05-03-15

This time around, we devote the entire hour to a very interesting panel discussion. The Radio Kid and Jake Longwell talk with three young adults, Amaya, Ally, and Bob, about their media consumption. Do they listen to radio? Why or why not? What other ways do they use to access the music and media they want? How do they feel about the future of radio? Find out what they had to say during this panel discussion. It's all here on this special edition of Clearing the Static!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clearing the Static 04-26-15

As usual, we open with Radio News Now. Among the topics on this edition, what to do with LPFM? More power for LPFMs? If so, how much more power? Or, should the FCC open a window for LPFMs to apply for translators? We discuss and debate. Also, our friend Bruce Cutler was interviewed on our local news/talk station recently, and we touch on that briefly. It's all here on this the April 26th, 2015 edition of Clearing the Static.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

CTS Extra 04: "Backlogged Radio News Now"

We get caught up on the format flips and station sales from the week of 04-10-15.


Clearing the Static 04-19-15

We open with Radio News Now, as usual, with the latest format flips and station sales. Then, Radio Disney is back, sort of, by way of HD radio. How viable is this? Also, is the FCC taking a more lax attitude toward pirate radio? It appears so. Your thoughts? Finally, comments on the new "pot talk" radio station in Colorado. That's all here on CTS from GCR


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 04-12-15

On this edition, we open with acknowledging an e-mail from a listener regarding some comments we made on last week's show. We also talk about a new Rock/AC station in Scranton, PA. Then, we pay tribute to the late Stan Freberg, who passed away on April 7th, at the age of 88. We talk about his contributions to the radio industry, and we play some of his classic radio commercials and song parodies. It's all here on this edition of CTS from GCR.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CTS Extra 03: "EZ San Diego"

On this Kid's Corner edition of CTS Extra, we'll head to sunny San
Diego, CA, and take a listen to KIFM 98.1, and it's Soft AC format.
Branded as "EZ98.1", the radio station is now in the hands of Lincoln
Financial Media, but a sale to Entercom is in the works. The sale is being held up
by a DOJ investigation.  If Entercom takes over, it is
widely speculated the station will change format.  Learn more about
this station, and relax, as we take a listen to KIFM, "EZ98.1."  On
this week's CTS Extra, it's all EZ San Diego.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Clearing the Static 04-05-15

A jam packed show this time. Radio News Now kicks things off. Then, an aircheck of the new Trending Radio in Milwaukee, followed by a scathing review by The Radio Kid. Plus, OTR coming to WGN Radio in Chicago. A successful Oldies format moving from LPFM to commercial radio in Indiana. A lawsuit filed in upstate New York demonstrating there is still, unfortunately, a huge gender gap in the radio industry. A Syracuse TV station expands local news coverage. Finally, we have the latest list of top billing radio stations across the country. It's all here on Clearing the Static.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CTS Extra 02: "Q92 The Beat vs. 105.3 The Buzz"

On this CTS extra, it's our first Kid's Corner here in the CTS Extra
department.  And, for our first Kid's Corner, we attempt to resolve a
debate that has come up among our listeners which came out of our
interview with Heather Hogan of Envision, operators of Q92 in
Witchitaw, KS.  In the interview, Hogan claimed that the station had a
different playlist and sound from that of KFBZ 105.3, owned by
Entercom.  However, many of you wrote in to dispute that claim.  So, on
today's CTS Extra, we're going to let you decide for yourself.  You
will first hear an aircheck of Q92 (KKGQ), followed by an aircheck of
KFBZ (105.3 The Buzz.)  Today on CTS Extra 02, we aircheck, you decide!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Clearing the Static 03-29-15

We open with a rundown of format flips and station sales on Radio News Now. Then, we address some listener feedback. Also, Pop music on Country radio? A good idea? Finally, The Radio Kid shares some thoughts on recent happenings in US Shortwave radio.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

CTS Extra 01: "Backlogged Radio News Now"

Here is the first in an extension of Clearing the Static. We call these extras, oddly enough, CTS Extras. In this debut, it's an extended edition of Radio News Now. Two weeks worth of format flips and station sales from across the US and Canada. Let us know what you think of the new CTS Extras.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Clearing the Static 03-22-15

We begin with Radio News Now Headlines. Then, we discuss the passing of Syracuse radio veteran Ron Bee. After, we discuss Sports Talk radio stations owned by actual sports teams, and the amount of censorship imposed by those teams on the station's programming. We close with discussion and debate surrounding FM chips in cell phones. That's all on this edition of CTS.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Clearing the Static 03-15-15

This time, we begin with sharing some of your feedback on the interview we conducted with Heather Hogan of KKGQ in Wichita. Also, we discuss some developments concerning both this program, and its originating station, Geneva Community Radio. Then it's on to Albany, where a battle is underway between two stations with an 80s and 90s based pop music format. Finally, we go off topic for some thoughts on the recent developments in Ferguson, Missouri. That's all coming up for you on this edition of Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clearing the Static 03-08-15

This time, it's all about the Q! Q92 The Beat, that is. As we spend the hour talking about KKGQ in Wichita, Kansas. We've been following the progress of this new station, and we have the long awaited interview with Heather Hogan of Envision, the company behind this new station for Wichita's blind and visually impaired community. We'll close the program with a Kid's Corner profile of the station which comes complete with an aircheck. That's all coming up for you on this edition of CTS from GCR. Enjoy!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Clearing the Static 03-01-15

We're back with a brand new show complete with a newscast, and the usual discussion of the latest radio developments. Check it out!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Important Message From The Radio Kid

Dear Listeners,

So you may have been wondering lately: where's the news on CTS? And,
maybe you've been wondering why the show seems verry rushed lately? 
Well, as content editor of this show, I feel you the listeners deserve
an honest explanation.  Firstly, this has everything to do with me, and
nothing to do with Jake.  The truth is that I have a lot going on in my
personal life lately -- including very stressful (and personally very
difficult) court proceedings, and have also been effected by statewide
cuts that haven't allowed me to get to my medical appointments
reliably.  The result is that I am so stressed lately that after
expending the energy to focus on these things, I don't have the energy
or concentration to put together a newscast -- and, somedays, I've been
so drained, I haven't had time to even read the sources I check that
allow me to gather the news for you, or materials we discuss on CTS.
So where do we go moving forward?  There will be no show this week
(2-22-15.)  Beyond that, CTS will still continue.  We have many
exciting things coming up for you to stay tuned for -- including an
important follow-up interview, -- so please stay tuned to this website.
We are also looking at rolling out exclusive online content in the near future.
Thank you for baring with us as I go through this stressful time. 
Thank you for your patience, and understanding.  I apologize for any
inconvenience this causes, but I must look after my own emotional
health first.  

I look forward to seeing you next week.  Until then: If
you are a Samnet member, you may join Paul in the radio chat on
Samnet... and for the rest of you radio geeks and geekazoids -- please
remember: Video didn't kill the radio star... He's just lost in a thick fog.
--Jeremy/Serena (The Radio Kid)
Content Editor

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Clearing the Static 02-15-15

This week, it's a rare discussion about TV. We talk about various trends in television, past and present. Also, we comment on recent happenings in TV news. Plus, we have a special guest. Returning for her second appearance on CTS, it's The Radio Kid's friend, Christina, offering some of her own insights into television happenings.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clearing the Static 02-08-15

This week, we touch on many different topics. We discuss some big changes in morning drive on rival Urban stations in Los Angeles. Plus, some developments concerning Geneva Community Radio and its future path. We wrap up with some non-radio discussions on a few topics that are important to us. What are they? Tune in and hear for yourself!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Clearing the Static 02-01-15

This week, the latest format changes are reported in Radio News Now. Also, we share some feedback from you, our listeners. Finally, developments in Country music radio in Upstate New York. It's on here on Clearing the Static from Geneva Community Radio.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Clearing the Static 01-25-15

This week, we bring back to CTS Bob Cavanaugh. We discuss radio in Portland, Oregon, and a few other topics. Enjoy!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Clearing the Static 01-18-15

This week, we spend most of the hour discussing an unfortunate series of events that took place on our local radio dial recently. Also, some exciting news regarding this show and its hosts. What's it all about? Tune in and hear for yourself!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Clearing the Static 01-11-15

We open today's program with Radio News Now. Then, we discuss some of the format trends that have taken place since the start of the new year. We close with a discussion about Public Radio happenings in Denver. That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clearing the Static 01-04-15

We kick off 2015 with an extended edition of Radio News Now, essentially catching up with format flips and station sales over the past two weeks. We also briefly discuss a new Sports Talk station coming to Albany, NY, and, a well known TV owner in Chicago will soon be programming the 87.7 FM frequency in that market. It's all here on this edition of CTS from GCR.