Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Clearing the Static 1722

We oopen the program with more thoughts on the format change at WLDS in Jacksonville, Illinois. Then, some very disturbing news. It appears the FCC is going ahead with its plans to eliminate the main studio requirements for broadcasters. What kind of impact could this have? Also, a former radio station owner may be getting back into the business, and his previous track record is anything but spotless! Later, it's the end of an era as a well know daily radio segment comes to an end. Lastly, Jake Longwell and The Radio Kid reminisce as they recall some of their childhood radio memories. That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Radio Serena Show 22: The Summer Show

We honor the unofficial beginning of the Summer season wiht a wide variety of tunes about Summer, and summertime activities.

Song 1.  Summertime, Summertime – The Jamies
Song 2.  Hey Summer – Erin Bowman
Song 3.  Wasted Time – Kieth Urban
Song 4. Summer – Calvin Harris
Song 5.  Green Grass – Gary Lewis and The Playboys
Song 6.  Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer -  Nat King Cole
Song 7. Soft Summer Breeze - Eddie Heywood
Song 8.  Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful
Song 9.  Boys Of Summer - Don Henley
Song 10.  John Fogerty – Centerfield
Song 11.  Rightfield – Peter Paul and Mary
Song 12.  Trace Adkins – Swing
Song 13.  Alabama - The Cheap Seats
Song 14.  Sly and the Family Stone - Hot Fun in the Summertime


Monday, May 22, 2017

Radio Serena Show 21 - Instrumentals

It's music without words this time on Radio Serena, as she presents a wide variety of pop and rock instrumentals.

Song 1.  Java – Al Hirt
Song 2.  Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures
Song 3. Synergy – Anika Nilles
Song 4.  Alley Cat – Ben Fabric
Song 5.  Telstar – The Tornadoes
Song 6.  Love Theme (ST. Elmos Fire) – David Foster
Song 7. Children – Robert Miles
Song 8. Calcutta – Lawrence Welk
Song 9. Miami Vice Theme – Jan Hammer
Song 10. YYZ – Rush
Song 11.  Wheels – The Stringalongs
Song 12.  Apache – Jorgen Ingmann
Song 13.  The Lonely Bull – Herb Alpert
Song 14. Down Yonder- Del Wood
Song 15.  The Good The Bad and the Ugly- Hugo Montenegro
Song 16.  Out Of Limits – The Markets
Song 17. Time Is Tight – Booker T.
Song 18.  No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In - The T-Bones
Song 19.  Music Box Dancer- Frank Mills


Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 63: Mobile Phones for the Blind

On this edition of the rant, The Radio Kid discusses in detail the many struggles blind people face when using a mobile phone. Later, they reach out to a company that claims to serve the visually impaired with adaptive mobile phones, and asks them on the air when, or, even, if, they plan to resume said service. Hear it now on The Radio Kid's Rant!


Clearing the Static 1721

This week, The Radio Kid is back, and feeling much better. It's mostly about format changes on this edition of the show. An Illinois AM station gives up on music and goes all news/talk. Soft AC comes to an Indiana market. New Smooth Jazz and Spanish Hits stations come to California. An awesome development in West Virginia that brings back live and local, even in overnights! Orlando gets a new rocker, and maybe a new dance station coming to south Florida. A legendary standards station is giving it up in Dallas, and we have more information concerning Station Playlist which we think will be very encouraging to our visually impaired listeners. That's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Clearing the Static 1720

The Radio Kid was a bit under the weather this week. So, Jake Longwell and longtime CTS friend and contributor Bob Cavanaugh team up to host this week's show. They discuss happenings in Los Angeles, as well as Klamath Falls, Oregon. Also, Sinclair acquires the TV and radio properties of Tribune. We also continue our ongoing discussion about broadcasting software and accessibility for blind and visually impaired. That, along wiht a few other interesting tidbits, on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Radio Serena Show 20: The Mixtape

Here we go with another special Radio Serena. This time, Serena brings back the seemingly ancient art of the mixtape. Enjoy.

Song 1. Sheppard – Geronimo
Song 2. Ben Rector – Brand New
Song 3. Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running
Song 4. MGMT – Kids
Song 5. T-Boz - My Getaway
Song 6. Mars Lasar – Children Of The New Age
Song 7. Walk Off The Earth – Rule The World
Song 8. Lights – Up We Go
Song 9. Five Seconds Of Summer – She Looks So Perfect
Song 10. Ellie Goulding – On My Mind
Song 11. Tegan And Sara – I Was A Fool
Song 12. Drake – Hold On
Song 13. Sonia – Only Fools
Song 14. Phil Collins – Can’t Hurry Love


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Radio Serena Show 19: Format of the Month: AmAndA

Here we go with another format of the month. This time it's Triple A (Adult Album Alternative) as Radio Serena presents AmAndA

Song 1. Big Sur - The Thrills
Song 2. It’s All Been Done – Bare Naked Ladies 
Song 3. Dead American Writers – Tired Pony
Song 4. King Of Anything – Sara Bareilles
Song 5. Salvation – Shibashi 
Song 6. What Is Life – George Harrison
Song 7. Creeque AlleyThe Mamas & the Papas
Song 8. Imitation of Life - R.E.M. 
Song 9. Dreamboat Annie – Heart 
Song 10. Out Of My League - Fitz And The Tantrums
Song 11. Just What I Needed – The Cars 
Song 12. The Year’s Troubles – Susanne Vega
 Song 13. Glad Girls – Guided By Voices
Song 14. Lemon Tree – Fool’s Garden
Song 15 Ride On – Parlement 
Song 16. The Single’s Bar – Tracy Thorn


Friday, May 5, 2017

Clearing the Static 1719

Some very bad news this week, as we talk about massive layoffs at IHeart and Cumulus. Very sad indeed. Later, we have more developments, none positive, about the sale of the last station in the WNKU network in the Cincinnati market. On some more positive notes, we have format changes in Montana and Texas, plus, several developments in Spanish language radio across the country. That's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 62: To the Lake, Airplanes, and Peaceful Protests

A lot of topics on this rather lengthy edition of the rant. Everything from recounting a trip to the lake shore to rock collecting, and from passenger treatment on airplanes to the right to peaceful protests. It's all here on The Radio Kid's Rant!


Clearing the Static 1718

We open this week's show with some feedback and a follow up about broadcasting software for the blind. Then, a station sale in Syracuse will bring a now dark AM station back to life. Later, a new top 40 station comes to Lansing, Michigan. Then, we discuss some of the developments that came out of the latest NAB show. None of this is positive in our opinions! Decide for yourself as you listen to this edition of CTS.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Radio Serena Show 18

Song 1. Candy Girl – Caramella Girls
Song 2. Happy Boys and Happy Girls – Aqua
Song 3. Bing Bang – LazyTown
Song 4. The Fast Food Song – Fast Food Rockers
Song 5. Tarzan And Jane – Toybox
Song 6. Axel F – Crazy Frog
Song 7. Unicorns and Icecream - Dolly Styles
Song 8. Superhero Lover – Daze
Song 9. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) – Ylvis
Song 10. See You Again – Jenny Bliss
Song 11. Take Me High - @Tak
Song 12. The Hampster Dance – Hampton The Hampster
Song 13. Ay Ay - Yummie
Song 14. Banana Bay – Crispy
Song 15. Hero - Miss Papaya