Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Radio Kid's Rant! 46: More Thoughts on Christmas

This time, The Radio Kid comments on some of their favorite Christmas TV specials, and other holiday traditions.


Clearing the Static 1653

Attention Affiliate Stations: Please use this program if you feel that the subject matter discussed in show 1652 might be too controversial for your station.

It's our year end show this time on CTS. What stations and formats do we need to watch in the new year? What trends will continue, and which ones will fade away? Also, some interesting proposals for the future of the AM band, which have nothing to do with radio. The people proposing these ideas just may surprise you! It's all on this year end edition of CTS.

Clearing the Static 1652

On this episode of CTS, we continue our controversial discussion about how on demand media content may be impacting traditional radio listening. We read some listener feedback about this topic, and both hosts have an opportunity to express their opinions. Is on demand content really impacting radio negatively? How practical or possible would it be to legally compel people to listen to and appreciate the art of traditional radio, whether they want to or not? It's all discussed here on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Radio Serena Pilot Programs 1-4

Clearing the Static is proud to announce a new radio series called Radio Serena. This program is hosted by Serena, also known as The Radio Kid. Radio Serena is a music show offering an eclectic mix of 90s hits, 50s and 60s Oldies, and "a whole lot more". The "whole lot more" can include anything and everything from smooth jazz to heavy metal, country to reggae, and just about any other musical genre under the sun. The files below are a series of demo or pilot programs that were produced. These are not necessarily intended for actual broadcast, but, serve as a series of skethes to give radio stations and listeners a general idea of what to expect. If response to this series is sufficient beyond 1 year's time, the series will likely continue production. Response from radio stations, and their listeners, will be key in determining the direction and fate of the series. Listeners and stations alike are encouraged to let Serena know what they think of the series. Feel free to submit any requests, suggestions, and any other feedback you'd care to offer. Please enjoy these demos.

Listen Demo 1
Listen Demo 2
Listen Demo 3
Listen Demo 4

The Radio Kid's Rant! 45: Christmas Specials

The Radio Kid shares their thoughts on some of their favorite Christmas TV specials.


Clearing the Static 1651

We open the program by welcoming our newest affiliate, WCSQ in Cobleskill, NY. We then talk about changes in Tampa surroundiing Bubba the Love Sponge. Then, we debate whether today's youth only like "today's music" or do they care less about how "new" a song is, and more about whether it sounds "cool" or not? And, what might become of the Voice of America under a Trump administration? Should governments be involved in running broadcasting companies? What is the danger in a state run broadcaster becoming nothing more than a mouthpiece for said government? We discuss and debate. It's all here on this episode of Clearing the Static.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Clearing the Static 1650

We open with further developments on a story we mentioned last week from Los Angeles. Then, we discuss developments in Evansville, Indiana, and Richmond, Virginia. Later, changes coming to a building that was a part of TV history in Syracuse. And, we comment on the demise of all the shortwave services from the ABC in Australia. It's all on this edition of CTS.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 44: Drugs and Alcahol

The Radio Kid shares some interesting thoughts on underage drinking and drug use.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 43: Babies

This time, The Radio Kid shares their thoughts on little people.

CTS Extra 45: Upstate Radio Group

On this extra, we profile the stations of the Upstate Radio Group, formerly the Finger Lakes Radio Group. You'll hear background, history, and current airchecks of all the stations in the group.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Clearing the Static 1649 (Alternate Version)

This is an alternate version of show number 1649. This version doesn't contain the discussion about IHeart Media's on demand service. We still open with the developments in Gainesville. Then, we note a new Urban station on the air in Chattanooga. Will it have an impact on the heritage "Power" station there? Also, a new AAA station is on the air in Traverse City, Michigan. This leads to a discussion as to the evolution of the AAA format. Also, what's up at 101.5 in Seattle? They've gone all Christmas, but will "Star" come back? The Radio Kid isn't so sure. Then, changes coming to a popular Spanish Top Forty station in Los Angeles. Could they be switching the signals to English? That seems likely. Two changes on the radio dial in Hagerstown, Maryland to tell you about. Sad news for community radio fans in Reno, Nevada, as that city's only community station is sold to the statewide NPR network there. And we close with news of Classical music coming back full time to New Orleans, and Bangor, even though it isn't at all local. All that for you on this edition of CTS.


Clearing the Static 1649

We open with developments concerning the stations of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Then, we spend the rest of the hour discussing IHeart Media's new on demand music service. As more and more on demand services come on to the market, how might this impact traditional radio listening? If it is found that more on demand services have a negative impact on radio, should more restrictions be placed on such services? We debate these questions on this edition of CTS.