Monday, December 19, 2016

Radio Serena Pilot Programs 1-4

Clearing the Static is proud to announce a new radio series called Radio Serena. This program is hosted by Serena, also known as The Radio Kid. Radio Serena is a music show offering an eclectic mix of 90s hits, 50s and 60s Oldies, and "a whole lot more". The "whole lot more" can include anything and everything from smooth jazz to heavy metal, country to reggae, and just about any other musical genre under the sun. The files below are a series of demo or pilot programs that were produced. These are not necessarily intended for actual broadcast, but, serve as a series of skethes to give radio stations and listeners a general idea of what to expect. If response to this series is sufficient beyond 1 year's time, the series will likely continue production. Response from radio stations, and their listeners, will be key in determining the direction and fate of the series. Listeners and stations alike are encouraged to let Serena know what they think of the series. Feel free to submit any requests, suggestions, and any other feedback you'd care to offer. Please enjoy these demos.

Listen Demo 1
Listen Demo 2
Listen Demo 3
Listen Demo 4

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