Thursday, December 8, 2016

Clearing the Static 1649 (Alternate Version)

This is an alternate version of show number 1649. This version doesn't contain the discussion about IHeart Media's on demand service. We still open with the developments in Gainesville. Then, we note a new Urban station on the air in Chattanooga. Will it have an impact on the heritage "Power" station there? Also, a new AAA station is on the air in Traverse City, Michigan. This leads to a discussion as to the evolution of the AAA format. Also, what's up at 101.5 in Seattle? They've gone all Christmas, but will "Star" come back? The Radio Kid isn't so sure. Then, changes coming to a popular Spanish Top Forty station in Los Angeles. Could they be switching the signals to English? That seems likely. Two changes on the radio dial in Hagerstown, Maryland to tell you about. Sad news for community radio fans in Reno, Nevada, as that city's only community station is sold to the statewide NPR network there. And we close with news of Classical music coming back full time to New Orleans, and Bangor, even though it isn't at all local. All that for you on this edition of CTS.


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