Thursday, September 27, 2018

Clearing The Static 1838

There are so many format changes discussed on the program this week,
it would take a novel to recap them all.  So, instead, please listen
or download this week's CTS... because we know you'd rather listen
than read anyway.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Clearing THe Static 137

Issues discussed on the program this week include:
1.  A radio station owner in Arizona has requested to turn off his AM
1470 KVSL in Sholo, and allow it's FM translator to become the primary
station for a testing periond of 1 year.  Will this open the doors to
more applications like this, and ussher in the end of AM radio?  We
2.  A  sports station in Jacksonville, FL changes it's name.
3.  The "Streetz" have been rolled up in Little Rock, AR, and fans of
Gospel can "Rejoice", as Salem takes back control of KXDE (101.3.)
4.  Call animal control in Denver -- "The Wolf" is dead, and KWOF
(92.5) is flying to a new "Altitude."  This, plus the fact that it's
sister station, 950 KKSE is airing ESPN around the clock makes 6
sports station in the mile high city.
5.  Cumulus is selling their cluster in Blaxburg, VA to monticello media.
6.  There's a new "Wave" in Norfolk, VA, as WVBW (92.9) segs from AC
to Classic Hits.
7.  Yo!  There's a new sound in West Palm Beach, FL, as Classic Hiphop
debuts on an Hd to translator station -- giving the area an
interesting flanker between 2 competing stations in the market.
8.  Cannonball!  A new Variety Hits station splashes into Pocotello,
ID, replacing the Mormon music "Sunny" format there.  This station has
an interesting approach to jocks, as well.
9.  Watch out for "The Killer Bee!"  A new Classic Rock leaning
Classic Hits format has launched in the suburbs of the Twin Cities of
10.  CBS Sports Radio launches in Waco, TX on an HD to translator station.
11.  KQSF, "Q95.7" in Sue Falls, SD, ditches Classic Hits for CHR.
Why did they do this?  It has to do with ratings.
12.  The sun is moving in Panca City, OK, as "Sunny" moves to 1230 AM
to run away from a "Bull" that has invaded 104.7.
13.  Catholic operator Imaculate Heart Radio is buying WVNJ (1160) in
New Jersey.  Say goodbye to the brokered talk there.
14.  El Paso, TX now has a "Lonestar" on 920.
15.  "Alt"  come to Huntsville, AL on 92.9 curtacy of IHeart Media.
16.  "Max" comes to Misoula, MT -- and he has killed a "Hawk."
17.  KJWL (105.5) has segged from AC to classic in Fezno, CA.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Radio Serena 90

Song 1.  Bye Bye - Jo Dee Messina
Song 2.  My Baby Loves Lovin – White Planes
Song 3.  Snowbird – Anne Murray
Song 4.  dona nobis pacem – Serena Schutz AKA DJ Saffron
Song 5.  Twilight Zone - 2 Unlimited
Song 6.  Sh-Boom - The Chords
Song 7.  If You Leave - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Song 8.  Pleased to Meet You - Bill Frisell
Song 9.  Early In The Morning – Vanity Fair
Song 10.  Ain’t Easy - Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine
Song 11.  Ocian Front Property George Streight
Song 12.  Where have all the flowers gone – Kingston Trio
Song 13.  Where Have All the flowers gone – Johnny Rivers
Song 14.  Hands to Heaven – Breathe
Song 15.  I Couldn’t get to sleep at all – Fifth Demention

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

2 GIrls 1 Name 29

The 2 Serenas give you probably the craziest episodes yet.


THe Radio Kid's Rant 99: CTS Productions And Sounds Of Saffron

In This Episode THe Radio Kid and DJ Saffron discuss CHanges at CTS Productions and Saffron's new jingle company Sounds of Saffron Productions,


Clearing The Static 1836

radio serena

Tue, Sep 11, 10:33 AM (1 day ago)
to me
Issues discussed on thins week's show include:
1.  The FCC is taking the first steps towards deregulating the radio
airwaves, as it asks radio station owners to submit comments to them
about how other services like Facebook, Spotify, Google, Pandora and
others that are not regulated have impacted their business.
2.  Alt 95.9 does indeed come to Ithaca, NY.  We review the
competitive market situation there.
3.  Things get "Sunny" in Bakersfield, CA, as IHeart Media blows up
it's Spanish Variety Hits "La Preciosa" there to compete against
Alpha's 101.5 KGFM.  Will the lighter, yet still upbeat mix of music
on the "Sunny" side make for some clouds for Alpha?  We discuss.
4.  Crossville, TN gets some "Spirit" as CHR "Vibe" moves to
accomodate a new CCM station there.
5.  A Classic Country "Outlaw" is lose in Iowa and Nebraska, as Saga
debuts it's metrosignal "Outlaw" format on 2 translators in Yankton
and Siuox City, respectively.
6.  In the sunny state of Florida, the hispanic community is getting
some "Accion" as IHeart Media takes over 810 WRSO and a 97.9
translator there.  Also, WFLF has a new translator in the market on
93.3.  How will this all impact Orlando listeners?  We discuss.
7.  "Hank" is dead in Tallahassee, FL, as, now, he is part of the
"Tally."  "Tally" is one of those texting nicknames for Florida's
capital city, and the new name for what is now WXTY (99.9).
8.  The Texas state capital seems to have no limits musically, as AAA
KGSR (93.3) flips to a broad musical playlist as "Austin City Limits
Radio."  This new station, named for the TV show, festival, and
concert venue of the same names, is meant to sound like an asthetic --
not a radio station.  As such, we discuss whether or not this almost
non-radio  approach will bring yonger ears to radio.
9.  "G!" "Alt" in Louisville, KY, as WGHL (105.1) drops Classic Hiphop
for Alternative, and melding the former into the playlist of Urban AC
"Magic 101.3."
10.  WXEX on the New Hampshire seacoast flips from "Classic Rock" to
"Seacoast" 70's oldies.  But WXEX is an AM and FM simulcast on 1540
and 92.1 -- both fullpower stations.  Should they split AM and FM to
do separate programming?  Jake Longwell has some thoughts.
11.  Denver isn't "Cruisin'" on 1430 anymore, so I guess they can take
it "EZ."  That's the name of the new Soft Olides format on KEZW there.
But how much of the oldies are truly gone?  We discuss.

Saffron Says 46: saffron Says 1 Week In Hre And I'm Already Going Overboard

In This Episode Saffron Talks about her new home and reviews the move Overboard.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Radio Serena Show 89: Aretha Franklin Tribute

This hour, Radio Serena remembers Aretha Franklin.
Song 1.  I knew you were waiting for me - Aretha Franklin
Song 2.  Respect - Aretha Franklin
Song 3.  I say a little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
Song 4.  Think - Aretha Franklin
Song 5.  You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman Aretha Franklin
Song 6.  I Never Loved a Man Like I love You - Aretha Franklin
Song 7.  You’re all I need to get by - Aretha Franklin
Song 8,  Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin
Song 9.  Spanish Harlem - Aretha Franklin
Song 10.  Angel - Aretha Franklin
Song 11.  Let It Be - Aretha Franklin
Song 12.  Until You Come Back to me - Aretha Franklin
Song 13.  Son of a preacher man - Aretha Franklin
Song 14.  Don’t Play that song - Aretha Franklin
Song 15.  Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin
Song 16.   The House that Jack Built - Aretha Franklin
Song 17.  Freeway - Aretha Franklin

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

2 Girls 1 Name 28

FIrst show from Saffron's new place, but that doesn't stop all the craziness that goes on .


Clearing The Static 1835

ssues discussed on this week's show include:
1.  Could a new Alternative station be coming to Ithaca, NY?  It's
possible -- no, make that likely, as Saga communications splits off a
95.9 translator from WHCU -- now that that station has a 97.7
translator to call it's own, and starts stunting with Ithaca area
group XAmbasidors on 95.9.  What will this mean for the Ithaca market?
 We discuss.
2.  A new Christian station comes to New York State's Hudson Valley,
as WHBC hits the air at 102.5.  But what about the "Redeemer Radio"
programming heard there?  It's already on WFSO (88.9.)  So will WFSO
3.  The Hudson Valley loses it's Jazz station, as Bud Williamson can
no longer afford to keep WJZZ (88.1) going.  This, again, ignites the
discussion on how to save non-commercial radio.
4.  ESPN Radio has come to Pensacola, FL, as ADX debuts "ESPN 94.5."
5.  Meanwhile in VirMont, ESPN is disappearing from WCPV in
Burlington, as that station picks up Fox Sports, and plays a new
sports "Game" with the 101.3 frequency.
6.  Say goodbye to LGBT targeted radio in America, as IHeart blows up
"Pride Radio" on 96.7 in the Twin Cities of Minnisota in favor of
"KFan Plus," an extention of "KFan 100.3" there.  This leads to a
broader discussion of the lack of LGBT themed programming available on
the radio dial, and if anything can be done about this.
7.  An Illinois station is getting new calls, as former staff of WCAZ
buy WYEC (1510) in Carthage, IL, and turn it into another incarnation
of WCAZ -- same format and all.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Radio Serena Show 88

Song 1.  I’ve Got My Mind Set On You George Harrison
Song 2.  Satellite of Love Deff Lepard
Song 3.  Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns and Roses
Song 4.  Second Hand News – Fleatwood Mack
Song 5.   Baby Call My Number -  Milli Vanilli
Song 6.  The Final Countdown – Europe
Song 7.  The Search is Over – Survivor
Song 8.  The Bed You Made for Me - Highway 101
Song 9.  Bang Your Head - Quiet Riot
Song 10.  Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
Song 11.  Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Song 12.  Any Way You Want It - Journey
Song 13.  Rhythm of the night - DeBarge
Song 14.  Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me - Juice Newton