Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Clearing THe Static 137

Issues discussed on the program this week include:
1.  A radio station owner in Arizona has requested to turn off his AM
1470 KVSL in Sholo, and allow it's FM translator to become the primary
station for a testing periond of 1 year.  Will this open the doors to
more applications like this, and ussher in the end of AM radio?  We
2.  A  sports station in Jacksonville, FL changes it's name.
3.  The "Streetz" have been rolled up in Little Rock, AR, and fans of
Gospel can "Rejoice", as Salem takes back control of KXDE (101.3.)
4.  Call animal control in Denver -- "The Wolf" is dead, and KWOF
(92.5) is flying to a new "Altitude."  This, plus the fact that it's
sister station, 950 KKSE is airing ESPN around the clock makes 6
sports station in the mile high city.
5.  Cumulus is selling their cluster in Blaxburg, VA to monticello media.
6.  There's a new "Wave" in Norfolk, VA, as WVBW (92.9) segs from AC
to Classic Hits.
7.  Yo!  There's a new sound in West Palm Beach, FL, as Classic Hiphop
debuts on an Hd to translator station -- giving the area an
interesting flanker between 2 competing stations in the market.
8.  Cannonball!  A new Variety Hits station splashes into Pocotello,
ID, replacing the Mormon music "Sunny" format there.  This station has
an interesting approach to jocks, as well.
9.  Watch out for "The Killer Bee!"  A new Classic Rock leaning
Classic Hits format has launched in the suburbs of the Twin Cities of
10.  CBS Sports Radio launches in Waco, TX on an HD to translator station.
11.  KQSF, "Q95.7" in Sue Falls, SD, ditches Classic Hits for CHR.
Why did they do this?  It has to do with ratings.
12.  The sun is moving in Panca City, OK, as "Sunny" moves to 1230 AM
to run away from a "Bull" that has invaded 104.7.
13.  Catholic operator Imaculate Heart Radio is buying WVNJ (1160) in
New Jersey.  Say goodbye to the brokered talk there.
14.  El Paso, TX now has a "Lonestar" on 920.
15.  "Alt"  come to Huntsville, AL on 92.9 curtacy of IHeart Media.
16.  "Max" comes to Misoula, MT -- and he has killed a "Hawk."
17.  KJWL (105.5) has segged from AC to classic in Fezno, CA.

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