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About Radio Serena

Radio Serena is a weekly one hour syndicated music program unline anything you've ever heard. Every week, Serena (The Radio Kid) offers up an eclectic mix of 90s hits, solid gold oldies, and whatever else somehow manages to make its way into the mix. The show also offers frequent specials, theme shows, and "the format of the month" where Serena presents her take on well known, and not so well known, radio formats. Radio Serena, "playing what a girl wants".

Radio Serena Times and Stations

Global Community Radio Channel 2
Tuesday: Midnight Eastern
This broadcast is also simulcast on:
WLSL-LP St. Leo, Florida (92.7 FM)
WNPA-LP Canton, Ohio (102.5 FM)
WRAQ-LP Angelica, New York (92.7 FM)
WRST-FM Oshkosh, Wisconsin (90.3 FM)
NOTE: Airs Mondays at 11 PM Central when student programming is not broadcast
WYAP-LP Clay, West Virginia (101.7 FM)

The Rocker Worldwide
Sunday: Approximately 7 PM Eastern

WCSQ-LP Cobleskill, New York (105.9 FM)
Saturday: 11 AM Eastern

WQNA Springfield, Illinois (88.3 FM)
Wednesday: Midnight Central

WRAQ-LP Angelica, New York (92.7 FM)
Wednesday: Noon Eastern

If you miss an episode of Radio Serena during one of its many "live" airings on the radio and online, you can listen to and download all episodes of the show from the archive page of this website. Have a request or an idea for a future show? Please e-mail Serena at and tell her what you think.

Other Audio

CTS offers other audio goodies that are not necessarily broadcast by any radio station, but which are available on this website as podcasts.

CTS Extras

CTS Extras are an extension of Clearing the Static. The extras delve deeper into some topics which we don't have time to discuss on the actual radio show, or consist of special features like radio station airchecks, interviews, commentaries, and more. It's a little something extra from your friends at Clearing the Static.

The Radio Kid's Rant!

The Radio Kid's Rant! is a non-radio podcast/talk show where The Radio Kid offers their opinions on everything that isn't radio related. The Kid discusses politics, current events, social issues, consumer issues, and even the weather outside! You never know what they'll say next! But you can always find out by listening to The Radio Kid's Rant!

In the Middle

In the Middle is a half hour radio series discussing current political issues. The series tries very hard to hear all sides of an issue equally, and with respect. In the Middle alternates with The Radio Kid's Rant! on selected radio stations.

Global Community Radio Channel 1
Saturday: 1:00 PM Eastern

KFZR-LP Frazier Park, California (93.3 FM)
Saturday: 10:00 AM Pacific

KIEZ-LP Monroe, Louisiana (106.7 FM)
Saturday: Noon Central

WLRI-LP Gap, Pennsylvania (92.9 FM)
Saturday: 1:00 PM Eastern

WRAQ-LP Angelica, New York (92.7 FM)
Wednesday: 8:30 PM Eastern

2 Girls 1 Name

We are pleased to announce the debut of a new radio show. 2 Girls 1 Name is a music and conversation show featuring Serena (The Radio Kid) and, Serena (DJ Saffron). Together, these girls share music, wit and wisdom that will make for interesting listening. You can hear the show on the following stations at the following times.

Global Community Radio Channel Two
Thursday: 10:00 PM Eastern

WRAQ-LP Angelica, New York (92.7 FM)
Thursday: Midnight Eastern

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