Monday, July 8, 2019

Radio Serena Shows 128 and 129: Format of the Month: Gem

It's another format of the Month from Radio Serena. This time, we present Gemn -- a format for the fearless awesome female. On Gemn, not only will you hear great music from female artists, but also conversations with young females like yourself on everything from music to boys to bars. And, because girls can't stop talking when they get together, Gemn is so big, we're running it for the next 2 weeks!! So grab your favorite snacks, your makeup kit, and pajamas appropriate for a sleepover, and get ready for you go girl radio here on Gemn -- you go. You sparkle. No boys allowed!
***Note to affiliates: Both of the files posted on this site exceed one hour in length. This format was created and conceived of long before Radio Serena, and it's one hour time limit. If your stations' automation does not cut the program off at the one hour mark automatically, and you would like to air something better suited to the one-hour time frame, pleas email me at as soon as possible, and I will send some links to archived older shows. Please know that this irregularity will not be the norm going forward, and is only for the next 2 weeks while Gemn airs. Thank you for your cooperation, and understanding. --Serena Kyle
Gemn Playlist
Show 1.
Song 1. Gem and the Holograms Theme Song – Gem and the Holograms (1987-1989 cartoon)
Song 2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndy Lauper
Song 3. C'est la Vie – Bewitched
Song 4. Saturated – Kasey Chambers
Song 5. Foolish Boy – Emma Hewitt
Song 6. Boyfriend – Tegan and Sarah
Song 7. Ladies in the '90s - Lauren Alaina
Song 8. Popular - Kristin Chenoweth – Wicked (2003 original recording)
Song 9. Five Years – Tonight Alive
Song 10. Bumble Bee – Bambee
Song 11. Look Of Love – Lesley Gore
Song 12. Harmless – Mulberry Lane
Show 2.
Song 1. Feel like a woman - shania twain
Song 2. Beachwood 45789 – The Marvelettes
Song 3. Hot and Cold – Katy Perry
Song 4. Dig Me Out - Sleater-Kinney
Song 5. Save Me Now (Beat Service Proglifting Remix) - Jan Martin Feat Hysteria!
Song 6. Who’s That Girl – Madonna
Song 7. Dream Lover – Marina
Song 8. Tennessee Flattop Box – Rosanne Cash
Song 9. Premadonna Girl – Marina and the Diamonds
Song 10. Hammer and a Nail - Indigo Girls
Song 11. Again – Flyleaf
Song 12. One More Round - Bette Midler

Listen: Show 128
Listen: Show 129

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