Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Radio Serena Show 111: St. Patrick's Day Special

 It's Radio Serena's St. Patrick's Day show this week!  And since
Serena has been kidnapped by Fairies, Jen is your host for Radio
Serena's Irish fest.  Hear some great music, learn how to make Soda
Bread, and more on this edition of Radio Serena!
Song 1: Bonnie Kate Raikish Paddy: The Ivy Leaf
Song 2: The Maid Behind The Bar/Father Kelly Cooleys Reel: The Fire Inside
Song 3: Jiggy Whistles: The Demerits
Song 4: Mairie’s Wedding: The Fire Inside
Song 5: David’s Jig: Natalie MacMaster
Song 6: Katie Dear: Sisters of Murphy
Song 7: Beer Beer Beer: The Irish Travelers
Song 8: Mna Na Hireann (Women of Ireland) Celtic Woman
Song 9: Teir Abhaile Riu: Celtic Woman
Song 10: : The Selkie: Aine Minogue
Song 11: Amber: Afro Celt Sound System


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