Saturday, July 28, 2018

Clearing the Static 1830

We open by discussing major cuts at Univision. How will these cuts affect the company's radio properties? There are more developments regarding the merger between Sinclair and Tribune. As of now, no one seems happy about where it's going. Even the top FCC commissioner is expressing some very serious concerns. This leads to a bigger discussion abut whether or not the public truly cares abut big media mergers. A station sale in Milwaukee to tell you about. Could more Sports radio be coming to that market? Later, no new LPFM coming to Springfield, Illinois. Stevens Media makes changes to its cluster near Pasco, Washington. Salem is selling stations in Omaha to Walnut Radio. In Tucson, a Christian radio operator is selling several stations to various companies. A new Urban station is coming to Little Rock with a truly local twist.


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