Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CTS Extra 29: The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!

The dictionary says that a synonym for Rebel is non-conformist.  If
that's true, that definitely describes the radio station featured in
this edition of CTS Extra in concern to the Classic Rock format.  While
most stations in the format are moving their music into the 1990's,
WXTL "105.9 The Rebel" is resisting this trend, and is still playing
early 1960's classics in it's mix of music.  Additionally, The Rebel is
defying conventionality in the format by featuring specialty shows, and
features that go outside the norms for a Classic Rock station.  Then
again, with conventional conformist Classic Rocker "TK" (WTKW/WTKV) in
the market, The Rebel had to dare to be different. We're going to let
you hear some of the rebellion on this CTS Extra.  As you listen, take
note of the wide music mix the station plays.  This time on CTS
Extra, The Rebel Yells in Syracuse!


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