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  1. Listening to your 2017 predictions...the topic of cookie cutter radio. it was mentioned that this was a product of consolidation. I think not so much as the fact that this comes from farther back in time as radio station programmers started depending more on consultants. This goes back to the 70s when we started seeing the death of creativity in radio. Consultants started playing it safe. Stations then started copy-cat programming, because obviously it worked in another market so... It doesn't work in every market, but it saves big bucks for the station owner. Now that the corporations own all the stations in these 8 station clusters in each market, there is less competition. There is less need to try new things. So then, why try any harder? No need for personalities around the clock...voice-tracking takes over. Syndication adds to that. It's like one person taking a beating from a gang of thugs in the subway. There are plenty of weapons used against radio, as we knew it. Anyway, I enjoy your program, keep it up!