Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Radio Serena Show 16 - Remembering Aunt Shirley

This week, Radio Serena pays tribute to a woman who was very near and dear to Serena for much of her childhood. The playlist will be posted soon, but here is the audio.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Clearing the Static 1716

The Radio Kid and Jake Longwell take a bit of a break this week. We air a lengthy interview that the Kid conducted wiht a very familiar voice to long time CTS listeners. Jennifer Tissot is her name. Listen to this very in depth Q and A with the Radio Kid. Then, we ahre a network news story about an interesting community radio station in rural Iowa. Finally, the Kid shares some brief thoughts about the upcoming NAB convention. That's all here on this special edition of CTS.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Radio Serena Show 15 - Groovy Radio

It's another edition of The Format of the Month. This time, it's the best in pure jazz. It's "Groovy Radio".


John Coltrane - Mr. PC
Kurt Elling - Steppin' Out
Bill Evans - Theme From M*A*S*H
Miles Davis - Seven Steps to Heaven
Diana Krall - Peel Me a Grape
Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd - Desafinado
Joey Alexander - My Favorite Things
Sarah Vaughan - Ain't Misbehavin'
Louis Armstrong - When It's Sleepy Time Down South
The Modern Jazz Quartet - Concorde


Clearing the Static 1715

As usual, we have a lot to talk about this week. We begin with some exciting news from the midwest, as two companies merge their resources to create more job opportunities in radio for the blind and visually impaired. Then, a huge shake up and companies in Helena, Montana prepare to swap radio stations. The big topic of discussion this week is a development concerning the battle between low power FM stations and AM stations who have or who want FM translators. Is there any way to resolve potential conflicts between the two? We're not sure.Finally, we talk about a new Oldies station on the air in the Delmarva region, and their rather interesting promotional campaign. That's all here on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Clearing the Static 1714

We open with a slight correction from last week's show. Then, a new Alternative station comes to Nashville. Also, Columbus, Ohio gets a new Urban station, but they had to change their station nickname. We'll tell you why. Youngstown gets a new "Oldies" station. An old familiar radio nickname returns to Boise, Idaho. We have sad news as an AM station in Oregon goes dark permanently. An FM translator in West Palm Beach is stunting with Christmas music, of all things. Lastly, we report on a new Shortwave station that is supposedly being built in Nevada. Will it take to the air? And, what about the future of Shortwave, particularly in the US? Why wouldn't a commercial, music based Shortwave service work here? We discuss and debate that to wrap up this edition of Clearing the Static.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 60: Gender Topics

ATTENTION: Effective immediately, The Radio Kid's Rant! shifts to an online only presentation. This is to allow for an unlimited recording time for the rant, as the new ten minute slot is becoming more and more restrictive. Radio stations may opt to air these rants, but, keep in mind that the length of each rant will vary greatly.

Listen nos as The Radio Kid rants (again) on gender topics.


Radio Serena Show 14

Radio Serena Show 14 Playlist 4-04-17
Song 1. Walking On The Sun – Smashmouth
Song 2. Hello MaryLou – Ricky Nelson
Song 3. Lightning Bolt – Jake Bugg
Song 4. Maybellene – Chuck Berry
Song 5. Too Much Monkey Business – Chuck Berry
Song 6. Brown Eyed Hansom Man – Chuck Berry
Song 7. Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry
Song 8. School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) – Chuck Berry
Song 9. No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry
Song 10. You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry
Song 11. Nadine (Is It You?) – Chuck Berry
Song 12. Reelin' and Rockin' – Chuck Berry
Song 13. Rock and Roll Music – Chuck Berry
Song 14. Run Rudolph, Run – Chuck Berry
Song 15. You Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry
Song 16. Sweet Little 16 – Chuck Berry
Song 17. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin
Song 18. Baby, Now That I’ve Found You – The Foundations


Monday, March 27, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 59 - Changing One's Name

As The Radio Kid begins their official transition to become Serena, one of the processes that is involved is that of changing one's name officially. This, apparently, is much easier said than done, as they will explain in this rant.


Clearing the Static 1713

This week, we lament the demise of several AM stations across the country. Meanwhile, an AM station in Wisconsin is going CHR, albeit just to feed an FM translator. We talk about the very likely possibility of subcaps being removed from the FCC's ownershp restrictions, and how this could impact radio in a not so positive way. Plus, a little more reminiscing and some comments about a few stations we recently profiled on the show. That's all here on CTS 1713.


Radio Serena Show 13

Radio Serena Show 13 Playlist
Song 1. Livin' la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
Song 2. Johny B. Good - Chuck Berry
Song 3. Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes
Song 4. Biggest Part Of Me – Ambrosia
Song 5. Wooden Ships – Jefferson Airoplane (listener request)
Song 6. Everlasting - Ryan Farish
Song 7. Mambo number 5 – Lou Bega
Song 8. Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out) – Ernie Maresca
Song 9. Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That – Dolly Parton
Song 10. Get Busy – Technotronic
Song 11. Pretty Little Girl - The Monarchs
Song 12. Don't You Want Me - The Human League
Song 13. Zombie – The Cranberries (listener request)
Song 14. Dance Dance On Little Girl – Paul Anka
Song 15. Songs About Rain – Gary Allen


Monday, March 20, 2017

Radio Serena Show 12

Song 1. Love Is All Around - D.J. Bobo
Song 2. Could This Be Magic - The Dubs
Song 3. The Reflex Duran Duran
Song 4. Even Flow – Pearl Jam (listener request)
Song 5. Jezebel - Frankie Laine
Song 6. Gorgious – X Ambassadors (listener request)
Song 7. American Idiot – Greenday (listener request)
Song 8. Marie’s The Name (His Latest Flame) – Elvis Presley
Song 9. You Say – Vertical Horizon (listener request)
Song 10. Stay – Lisa Loeb (listener request)
Song 11. She’s A Must To Avoid – Herman’s Hermits
Song 12. Strong Enough – Cheryl Crow
Song 13. Have You Ever Really Ever Loved A Woman – Bryan Adams
Song 14. I’m Your Captain/ Closer To My Home – Grand Funk Railroad
(listener request)


The Radio Kid's Rant 58: Remembering Chuck Berry - Brothers Reunite

The Radio Kid remembers the late Rock icon Chuck Berry. Later, they tell us a heart warming story of two brothers who are reunited after many years of separation.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 57: Serena's Party Night

This time, we offer an extended rant in which Serena recalls her recent party night. Listen as she recalls the entire experience.


Clearing the Static 1712

This week, there are a lot of developments concerning Easy Listening/Soft AC radio stations, including the return of an old familiar voice in Palm Springs. Also, an Easy Listening station in Myrtle Beach is again streaming. Saga rolls out Pure Oldies in still another market, with more to come, we believe. And we reminisce about some of our favorite radio memories while on childhood vacations. That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CTS Extra 46: Saving Radio

On this CTS Extra, we discuss and debate an ongoing issue. How do we save radio for younger generations? Do we force people to consume radio and outright ban other forms of audio consumption? Is that even practical? Might there be other ways to preserve this art form? Or, will we have no choice but to simply allow radio to fade into the distant past? Hear our discussion and debate in this CTS Extra.


Clearing the Static 1711

We open this week's show with some feedback from Rochester and Knoxville. Then, we discuss a station sale in Buffalo. Will there be a format change? And we have format changes to talk about in Springfield, IL and Reno, NV. Then, we read and discuss an interesting article about Cumulus CEO Mary Burner, and all she's done to turn that company around. Could other radio companies benefit from her example? It's all here on CTS 1711.


Radio Serena Show 11: Format of the Month: The Shamrock

Radio Serena show 11 playlist The Shamrock 3-14-17
Song 1. The Dubliners - The Seven Drunken Nights
Song 2. The Corrs - Forgiven, Not Forgotten
Song 3. Kevin Burke - Wild Irishman
Song 4. Dick Gaughan - Song For Ireland
Song 5. The High Kings - On the One Road
Song 6. Patrick Ball - Castle Kelly
Song 7. Clannad - Theme From Harry's Game
Song 8. Irish Clubland - Fields Of Athenry
Song 9. Celtic Thunder - Bad Bad Leeroy Brown
Song 10. Celtic Woman - Sí Do Mhaimeo í (The Wealthy Widow)
Song 11. Altan - Dulaman
Song 12. The Bordererss -  Fat Bald and Ugly
Song 13. The Cotters - The Pleasures Of Home Medley
Song 14. The Chieftains - Drowsey Maggie
Song 15. The Irish Rovers – Nancy Whiskey


Monday, March 6, 2017

Radio Serena Show 10

Radio Serena Show 10 Playlist 3-7-17
Song 1. Genie In A Bottle – Christina Aguilera
Song 2. Come On, Let's Go - Ritchie Valens
Song 3. (Tentative) Nothing To Divide Us – Smoke Fairies  (listener Request)
Song 4. She’s Got Nothing On But The Radio – Roxet (Listener request)
Song 5. Jumpin' at the Woodside - Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich
Song 6. Calling Me Names Good Old War
Song 7. Make Someone Happy – Brian Stokes Mitchell – DoReMi Cast Recording
Song 8. Alternate Universe – Shel (listener request)
Song 9. The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea
Song 10. Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex
Song 11. Step by Step – The Crests
Song 12. Step By Step New Kids On The Block
Song 13. Never Let You Go – Third Eye Blind
Song 14. Sugar Sugar – The Archies
Song 15. Treme Second Line - Kermit Ruffins


The Radio Kid's Rant! 56: Weathering Johnson and Hall

After their usual remarks about the weather, The Radio Kid shares some very strong critiques of the behaviors of some US legislators and their constituents.


Clearing the Static 1710

Another jam packed show this week! We start with some feedback which leads to a continuation of our discussion regarding teens and music listening. Then, we discuss the new format on WUTQ in Utica, it is indeed conservative talk. This leads to a broader discussion of conservative talk, and even "shock Jocks/shock talk". A classic rock station comes to New Jersey. Later, a prestigious New England university is seriously considering putting its big FM signal up for sale. What does this mean for the future of college radio as we know it? Also, a station which once belonged to a university in Virginia is now in commercial hands, and we tell you what they are doing with it. We have interesting developments from California's Inland Empire region which make no sense to either of us! Finally, a new classic hits station is on the air in Kalamazoo. ALL that is coming up for you right here on CTS 1710.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Radio Serena Show 09

Radio Serena Show 9 Playlist 2-28-17
Song 1. Something In The Way – Nirvana (listener request)
Song 2. Up on the Roof - The Drifters
Song 3. Glorious – Rachael Tissot
Song 4. Call Me – Le Click
Song 5. Oh Rose Marie - The Fascinators with Jesse Stone Orchestra
Song 6. Pop Muzik – M
Song 7. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Song 8. Graveyard Whistling – Nothing But Thieves (listener request)
Song 9. MR. Mom – Lonestar (listener request)
Song 10. No Excuses – Alice In Chains (listener request)
Song 11. Baby Love - The Supremes
Song 12. Moves – The New Pornographers
Song 13. Scary Monsters – Nine Inche Nails With David Bowy (listener request)
Song 14. Day Dream Believer - The Monkeys
Song 15. Superstar - The Carpenters


The Radio Kid's Rant! 55: Completely Random Thoughts

This rant is based on, well, what the kid describes as "a random stream of consciousness at 4 in the morning". Tune in and hear what it's all about!


Clearing the Static 1709

We open with some feedback, where we clarify something which was part of a discussion we had on show number 1650, and we elaborate more on our talk regarding teens and music consumption. Also, we discuss a possible format change coming to Utica, NY. Later, more developments at the FCC concerning AM stations and FM translators, which leads into a bigger discussion that includes over the air TV as well. Then, new formats are coming to the Ocean City, Maryland market. Finally, a big discussion about the future of commercial radio, and how we can make it sound more appealing to today's radio audience. That's all here on this edition of CTS.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Radio Serena Show 08

Song 1.  Set A Drift On Memory Bliss – P.M. Dawn
Song 2. Runaround Sue – Dion
Song 3. Chances - Five for Fighting
Song 4. When I Come Around – Greenday (listener request)
Song 5. 409 – The Beach Boys
Song 6. Tranquilizer – Biosphere (listener request)
Song 7. Creep – TLC (listener request)
Song 8. Blue Moon - The Marcels
Song 9. Urge for Going - Joni Mitchell
Song 10. Touch the Sky – Cartouche
Song 11. Speedoo - The Cadillacs
Song 12. The Sun Always Shines On TV – Ah-ha (listener request)
Song 13. La-La (Means I Love You) - The Delfonics
Song 14. Last Glimpse Of Gotham – Joshua Redman


Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 54 - Telephone Memories

This time, Jake Longwell joins The Radio Kid, and they share some of their memories of long defunct functions and services that were available via the telephone.


Clearing the Static 1708

Once again, there is a lot to talk about this week. We begin with some news about our affiliate in Australia, Unique Radio. Then, we express our outrage at the sale of a well liked Public radio station in the Cincinnati area to religious operators. A new and unique Urban station debuts in Columbus, Ohio, and a new 90s oriented station debuts in Winnipeg. We remember a legendary Canadian radio host upon his recent passing, and, we express our frustrations regarding certain telephone and internet technologies which make life harder for the visually impaired. That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Radio Serena Show 07 - Format of the Month - The Diary (Love Songs)

Song 1. As I Lay Me Down – Sophie B. Hawkins
Song 2. I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
Song 3. Somebody To Love Queen
Song 4. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - My One and Only Love
Song 5. Unchained Melody – LeeAnne Rhymes
Song 6. The Bee Gees – Fanny, Be Tender With My Love
Song 7. The High Road - Three Days Grace
Song 8. Leavin' - Tim Heintz
Song 9. When I Look into Your Eyes – Firehouse
Song 10. I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls – Méav
Song 11. I Would’ve Loved You Anyway – Trisha Yearwood
Song 12. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All – Air Supply

The Radio Kid's Rant! 53: Variety of Topics

This time, The Radio Kid sounds off on several topics too numerous to mention. Tune in and hear them all for yourself!


Clearing the Static 1707

Another action packed show this time. First, a warm welcome to our new listeners in Rochester, NY on WXIR, Extreme Independent Radio, where we are now heard every Saturday at 5 AM Eastern. Then, we speculate about a new format coming to New Orleans. After, we comment on an article about radio imaging and positioners. Are they still needed these days? Later, some interesting and disturbing facts about the FCC and what they can do without congressional approval that could lead to even more consolidation in the industry! Finally, a controversial radio host returns to the airwaves in Tampa. That is all here on this edition of CTS.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 52: The Impact of Trump's Anti Immigration Policy

The Radio Kid shares some strong views on the fall out from the new anti immigration policies of the Trump administration.


Clearing the Static 1706

A lot to talk about this week! We discuss the launch of Pure Oldies in both Ithaca and Springfield, IL. Also, a local full service radio voice in the NYC suburbs is back, sort of. Then, bug, big news about the merger of CBS Radio and Entercom. We discuss the potential impact of the merger in the various radio markets affected. Later, a Sacramento FM license is turned in to the FCC after fall out from a contest gone wrong. Finally, an Alabama station switches to the supposedly dying Classic Hip Hop format. That's all here on this jam packed edition of CTS.


Radio Serena Show 06

Song 1. All I Wanna Do – Sherill Crow
Song 2.  The Boy From New York City  - The Adlibs
Song 3. Subdevisions – Rush
Song 4. The Power of Love – Celene Dion
Song 5. Suite Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby Stills Nash (listener request)
Song 6. For the Love of You - Candy Dulfer
Song 7.  Gin and Juice - Snoop Doggy Dogg
Song 8. Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers
Song 9. Follow You Follow Me – Genesis
Song 10. The Power – Snap
Song 11. 16 Candles – The Crests
Song 12. Kids In America – Kim Wilde
Song 13. Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way
Song 14. Hello Goodbye The Beattles


Monday, January 30, 2017

Radio Serena Show 05

Song 1. Take a Bow - Madonna
Song 2. I Got You Babe – Sunny and Cher
Song 3. Luck Be a Lady - Frank Sinatra
Song 4. Take It in Blood - Nas
Song 5. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um – Major Lance
Song 6. Charlie Brown – Coldplay
Song 7. Another Night – Real McCoy
Song 8. The Angels Listened In - The Crests
Song 9. In a Big Country - Big Country
Song 10. Take My Breath away - Berlin
Song 11. The Gift - John Adorney
Song 12. I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister
Song 13. Wonderwall - Oasis
Song 14. The Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton


The Radio Kid's Rant! 51: Trump's Extreme Vetting - Injustice in Oswego

This time, The Radio Kid shares their thoughts on President Trump's extreme vetting for immigrants and refugees, and then they speak their mind about a recent miscarriage of justice in their home town.


Clearing the Static 1705

We open with discussion of a format change in Salt Lake City, and a rebranding of a Triple A in Virginia. Then, we address more feedback about radio listening and younger generations. Finally, we speculate on possible changes to the FCC in the new Trump administration.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Clearing the Static 1704

A jam packed show this week. First, we know the new format soon to launch on 107.5 in Springfield, Illinois. Next, a new CHR comes to the Dallas market. A high school station in Washinton state changes its format. We stay in the Pacific Northwest to discuss a new Urban radio station in Portland. We then discuss how radio consultants have impacted radio over the years, as a result of some listener feedback we received. A new Oldies station comes to the Burlington, Vermont market, and this will result in changes coming to other AM stations in that market in the near future. In Erie, PA, a college station is in the process of transferring its Classic Hits format to a commercial broadcaster. What will then become of the college's own station in the future? Also, college in Virginia sells to a commercial operator. What does this say about the fate of college radio? That's all here on this edition of CTS.


The Radio Kid's Rant! 50: Toddlers and Trump

An unusual juxtaposition on the rant this time. First, The Radio Kid gives their thoughts on some of the trials and tribulations of looking after a two year old. Then, some thoughts on newly elected President Trump.


Radio Serena Show 04: Sam Cooke Tribute

Song 1. We’re Having a Party – Rod Stuart
Song 2.  Lord Remember Me – Sam C ooke and Soul Stirers
Song 3.  Farther Along – Sam Cooke and Soul Stirers
Song 4.  Jesus Gave Me Water – Sam Cooke and Soul Stirers
Song 5.  Touch the Hem of His Garment Sam Cooke and Soul Stirers
Song 6. Wonderful  - Sam Cooke and Soul Stirers
Song 7. Lovable  - Dale Cooke
Song 8. You Send Me – Sam Cooke
Song 9. Wonderful World  - Sam Cooke
Song 10. Cupid – Sam Cooke
Song 11. Chain Gang – Sam Cooke
Song 12. Everybody Likes to cha cha cha – Sam Cooke
Song 13. Ee-yi-ee-yi-oh – Sam Cooke
Song 14. Little Red Rooster – Sam Cooke
Song 15. Twistin’ the Night Away – Sam Cooke
Song 16.  Only 16 – Sam Cooke
Song 17. A Change is Gonna Come  - Sam Cooke


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Radio Serena Show 03

Radio Serena show 3 playlist
Song 1. Summer Time – Will Smith
Song 2. Mona Lisa - Carl Mann
Song 3. Don't Mess with the Messer - Koko Taylor
Song 4. Little One – High Society 1998 Cast Recording
Song 5. I'm Into Something Good - Herman's Hermits
Song 6. Games Without Fronteers – Peter Gabriel
Song 7. nLost in Love - Air Supply
 Song 8. Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar
Song 9. Unconventional Wisdom - Vivian Khor
Song 10. I’ll Be Allright – MTS
Song 11. Little Darlin' - The Gladiolas
Song 12. Everything I Own - Boy George
Song 13. One Crush  - Garbage
Song 14. Mr. Lee - The Bobbettes
Song 15. Mbube - The Mahotella Queens


The Radio Kid's Rant! 49: Cell Phones

The Kid reminisces about their experiences with cellular phones over the years.


Clearing the Static 1703

We open with big news from Ithaca this week. The end of Progressive Talk on WNYY. What could this mean for the few stations still committed to the format? And, what will replace the format? That would be Pure Oldies. But, what is Pure Oldies? And, could that very same format be on its way to Springfield, IL? It would appear so.
And what of the apparent renewed interest in Oldies by various radio companies? Can it be that radio is giving up on younger ears in favor of older listeners whom they believe will stick with terrestrial radio? If so, what about targeting demos over 55? That seems to have always been off limits, but, why not change that? We discuss all of this on this edition of CTS.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Radio Serena 02: Format of the Month: Fusion

This time on Radio Serena, it's "a different kind of Jazz". This is Fusion!


Song 1. The Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Dance of Maya
Song 2. Return to Forever - The Shadow of Lo
Song 3. Steve Gadd Band - Freedom Jazz Dance
Song 4.  Brand X - Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria
Song 5. Travelog - Cool Breeze
Song 6. Azymuth - This Exists
Song 7. Ohm - William's Amino Acid Flashback
Song 8. The New Tony Williams Lifetime – Letsby
Song 9. Miles Davis - DooBop Song


Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 48: Bathroom Bill - New Mic

This time, The Kid rants about changes to North Carolina's so called "bathroom bill". Later, we get to hear some interesting demos of their brand new wireless headset and microphone combo.


Clearing the Static 1702

For this week, we've revived Radio News Now. This is because we have A LOT of format flips and programming trends to tell you about which took place after Christmas. The Radio Kid will report them all to you in this extended newscast. Then, we will both discuss some of the big stories and changes that we felt really stood out in the newscast. So, if you like format flips, you'll want to listen to this week's show!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Radio Serena Program 01



Song 1. Barbie Girl - Aqua
Song 2. I Love The Flower Girl – The Cowsills
Song 3. What It Feels Like For A Girl - Madonna
Song 4. Don't Stop Movin' - Livin' Joy
Song 5. Gee - The Crows
Song 6. I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls
Song 7. Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney
Song 8. Making Believe - Dolly Parton
Song 9. The Night - Disturbed
Song 10. More Than Words - Extreme
Song 11. You're the One - The Vogues
Song 12. Clumsy - Our Lady Peace
Song 13. Palisades Park - Freddy Boom Boom Cannon

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Radio Kid's Rant! 47: Looking Back

The Radio Kid looks back on 2016. They share their ghouths on some TV and radio programs that have ended their long runs, with a bit of humor injected! Also, acknowledging some of the many tragic celebrity deaths that took place in the past year.


Clearing the Static 1701

Happy New Year! We begin with a bit of news from Springfield, IL regarding a translator there. Then, we discuss the future of Public Radio. As some programs change hosts or end their long runs on the air, what will Public Radio sound like as new shows and hosts are added? Will it do any good to start targeting a younger audience? Later, a serious discussion about how the incoming Trump administration might change the FCC. Could there be a new telecommunications act in 2017? There are rumors that such an act would eliminate protections like ownership caps. How could we combat this? Would it do any good to demand more provisions for community broadcasting? And, some interesting Christmas Day radio observations. That's all here on this edition of Clearing the Static.