Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Clearing the Static 1807

On this edition of CTS, Jake Longwell talks with Don Ash and Jim Ruschak, two of the founding members of Angelica Community Radio, and WRAQ. They discuss the evolution of WRAQ, what makes the station truly stand out, and future goals for the station. That's all coming up on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Radio Serena Show 60 - Fats Domino Tribute

Song 1.  Blue Monday – Fats Domino
Song 2.  The Fat Man – Fats Domino
Song 3.  Boogie-Woogie Baby – Fats Domino
Song 4.  Little Bee – Fats Domino
Song 5.  Hide Away Blues – Fats Domino
Song 6.  She's My Baby – Fats Domino
Song 7.  Hey La Bas Boogie – Fats Domino
Song 8.  Brand New Baby – Fats Domino
Song 9.  Korea Blues – Fats Domino
Song 10.  What's the Matter Baby – Fats Domino
Song 11.  Don't You Lie to Me – Fats Domino
Song 12.  Reeling and Rocking – Fats Domino
Song 13.  Bo Weevil – Fats Domino
Song 14.  Don’t Leave Me This Way – Fats Domino
Song 15.  My Blue Heaven – Fats Domino
Song 16.  Ain’t That A Shame – Fats Domino
Song 17.  Whole Lot Of Lovin’ – Fats Domino
Song 18.  Walking to New Orleans – Fats Domino
Song 19.  I Want To Walk You Home – Fats Domino
Song 20.  My Girl Josephine
Song 21.  I Hear You Knockin’ - - Fats Domino
Song 22.  When The Saints Come Marching In – Fats Domino


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Clearing the Static 1806

We open the show this week by talking about the impending bankruptcies of both Cumulus and IHeart. How will these companies survive? What kind of impact will this have on these companies and their stations? Also, Emmis sells its cluster in St. Louis. What changes will take place and which stations will stay the same? Later, we get into a discussion about instrumental music, and why it always seems to get such a bad wrap in most circles. That's all on this edition of Clearing the Static.


Radio Serena Show 59 - Format of the Month - Paul FM

February’s format of the month is dedicated in memory to Paul Smith of
Baltimore, MD.
Song 1.  Go to the Mardi Gras - Professor Longhair
Song 2.  Musician's Blues - Robert Jardell
Song 3.  I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair - Kings of Dixieland
Song 4.  Paul Barbarin's Second Line - The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Song 5.  Clarinet Marmalade Blues - Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Song 7.  You Know Me - Lowdown Brass
Song 8.  Acadien Cajun Band “Fiddlesticks”
Song 9.  I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Barbara George
Song 11.  At the Jazz Band Ball - Sidney Bechet featuring Wild Bill Davison
Song 12.  Mardi Gras in New Orleans - Jambalaya Brass Band
Song 13.  Down At The Twist And Shout – Mary Chapen Carpenter
Song 14.  Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie “Le Bluerunner"


Monday, February 5, 2018

Radio Serena Show 58: Mellowscapes

Song 1.  Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
Song 2.  Tagliagole – Corvallis
Song 3.  Father - Horse Feathers
Song 4.  It's a Long Road - Funky Porcini
Song  5.  All Is Violent, All Is Bright – God Is An Astronaut
Song 6.  The Flame - Cheap Trick
Song 7.  True Love - Mantovani & His Orchestra
Song 8.  She's Got a Way - Billy Joel
Song 9.  The Three Bells - The Browns
Song 10.  Dignity – Fiach
Song 11.  Surrey with the Fringe on Top - Ellis Marsalis
Song 12.  Drive - The