Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CTS Extra 25: Oregon K-Flies on World Class Wings to Get to the Valley

When you see or hear the word or letters AAA, what do you think of? 
The American Automobile Association, maybe? How about AAA batteries? 
A popular Manga, perhaps? Well, did you know that AAA is also the
term used to label a radio format? The format's full name is Adult
Album Alternative. Whatever you may call it, AAA is known for playing
deep album cuts, and there are many variations on the
format. As AAA is one of The Radio Kid's favorite formats. Don't be
surprised if it is featured often here on CTS Extra.We've done that
to some extent already with the airchecks of the Classic Rock leaning
AAA stations last week, and with the aircheck of WLCE in the previous
CTS Extra. It's been a very busy week for the format, and, in light
of this, we're going to feature 2 more AAA stations that have been in
the news over the past week. Both of these stations are in the state
of Oregon, and are both owned by Bicoastal Media. First, we'll head to
Eugene, and, using World Class Airlines, our ears will KFLY over the
new format. You'll hear the station's very low-key presentation of
the format. Next, we'll fly on with quality and variety to the Valley,  KYVL "106.3 The Valley," that is, and take a listen to their new (at the time of this recording, 2 day old) format with it's acoustic lean,
and hear how the DJ is marketing the station to new perspective
listeners. Finally, you'll hear The Radio Kid's take on how Bicoastal
presents its formats. So buckle up, and make sure your antennas are
in their upright and locked positions, as, on this edition of CTS
Extra, Oregon K-Flies on World Class Airlines to get to the Valley.


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