Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTS Extra 24: Alice Lives in Springfield, but for How Long?

Have you ever met Alice? Chances are you have. She's been everywhere.
In books, movies, 1970's TV shows, one of the characters in that
annoying song by Smokey, why, she's even been to a place called
Wonderland! One of Alice's more recent stunts of appearance, however,
has been on radio stations, moving up and down the dial from city to
city playing various forms of music along the way. While Alice
normally likes bigger cities, one of her most recent homes has been in
Springfield, Illinois, where she's been living at WLCE "Alice 97.7" since
February of 2007 treating Springfieldites and Illinoisans alike
to a mix of AAA that is heavy on music discovery and Alternative music.
As you listen to this aircheck, you may notice the very low-key
presentation that Alice uses for the music. And, as you listen, you
may want to treasure this aircheck, and stream the station while you
can, as recent domain registrations discovered by industry trade
Radio Insight reveal that Alice may be evicted. WQLZ will have to get
used to not living next door to Alice, as it, and it's Active Rock
format, may be moving from sister Midwest Family owned 92.7 to the
97.7 frequency, leaving Springfield to say "Alice doesn't live
here anymore." While we will probably be airchecking Alice doing
whatever it is she does on some other station in another city, this
time on this edition of CTS Extra, Alice lives in Springfield, but for how long?


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