Thursday, August 13, 2015

CTS Extra 26: Astoria Feels Klammy

On the Oregon coast, you'll find a town called Astoria.  In said town,
if you tune your radio to 99.7, you'll start to feel a bit Klammy. But
don't worry; this is a good thing! That's the effect of listening to
KLMY "Klammy 99.7", a Hot AC radio station there.  Owned by Ohana Media
Group, this station manages to keep roots of the Hot AC format, while
still staying modern and relevant. As an example of this, you will hear
the station in our first aircheck with it's All 80's Lunch.  Also, why
shouldn't you judge a station before sampling it?  The Radio Kid will
explain as, on this edition of CTS Extra, Astoria Feels Klammy!


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