Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Staticmentary 01: Radio for Millennials

Welcome to the first of what we call Staticmentaries from Clearing The
Static.  Staticmentaries are long form documentary type presentations,
which, along with the CTS Extras, are mostly exclusive to the website. 
These staticmentaries will probably be either radio station profiles,
or investigations and analysis of a topic produced in a long form
documentary format.

Our first Staticmentary will be the latter type of presentation, as we
take a look at 3 radio stations that are targeting millennials, and the
different ways these stations are innovating in order to reach a
generation consumed by phone apps, and services like Spotify.  It's
something we've talked about on the program often, but now you'll get
to hear stations doing the type of innovation we've been talking about.

We'll take  a listen to "103.3 The App", an Alternative station from
San Antonio, TX.  Why are they called "The App?" What is their
philosophy about apps versus radio?  The answer may surprise you!

We'll listen to WROM "103.1 Radio M" from Rome, GA.  What type of
different music are they playing to appeal to high school and college
aged students?

Most tellingly, we'll listen to KSXY "Y100.9," an unusually
unconventional CHR from Santa Rosa, CA, which is mixing Country and
Alternative music into their CHR playlist.  We'll also chat via email
with KSXY PD Dray Lopez, and get his thoughts on what his station is
doing, and how CHR radio can innovate to reach Millennials.  Should
every CHR start doing this?  You'll find out what Lopez thinks of that
idea on this, our first Staticmentary from CTS -- Staticmentary 1 --
Radio For Millennials.

Special thanks to KSXY PD Dray Lopez for talking to us for this
Staticmentary.  In a note of disclosure, both "103.3 The App" and WROM
were contacted for this story, but did not return our requests for an interview.


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