Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CTS Extra 11: WNMB 900 AM

For me, personally, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was always a place for relaxing,
eating hot dogs, getting a sun tan, and enjoying the sounds of the
beach. One of my most memorable sounds of Myrtle Beach was radio
station WNMB (900 AM).  The radio station had a 50's and 60's music
format. But things have changed at WNMB. Former owner Bill Norman
died of controversial circumstances in 2012, and, since then, Norman's
wife, Linda Susan Norman, along with partner Matt Smith have made significant
changes to the station,  increasing the amount of 70's and 80's music
to the station's library.  The final change was a sale of the station in
May of 2015 to Beaty Broadcasting.  Beaty has yet to take over the
station, and so the Classic Hits music, and the great jingles are still
on the air. So, we thought we'd aircheck this station in this form
while we could. I forgot to say this in the Kid's Corner audio
presentation, but the website to stream the station is
So, get ready to head to the beach this week, and don't forget to keep
the sand out of your eyes as we listen to this aircheck of WNMB 900 AM
on this eddition of CTS Extra.


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