Thursday, June 25, 2015

CTS Extra 14: Last Call for On Tap

So you've had a hard day at work, and you want to go to the bar with
the guys, and relax.  What's more, you'd like to go to that very same
bar to hear all the great Classic Rock bands you grew up with play live
for you, and talk with you.  Too bad you can't do that, right? Well,
no.  Actually, through the power of radio, VH1, and a Classic Rock show
named On Tap, you can!  The show originates from VH1's Rock lounge
above Times Square, and is hosted by Nick Carter. Through these live
broadcasts, some creativity, live bar-room ambience, and great
interviews, your radio dial magically becomes that bar in New York City
5 days a week, and all you need to do to show up is to tune your radio
to the station in your market that carries the syndicated show. (There
are 33 affiliates across the country.) Unfortunately, I do have sad
news about this bar, however.  VH1 has decided to cancel On Tap, as VH1
is moving out of radio, and in a different direction  As a result of
this fact, host Nick Carter and all his crew have issued one last call,
and are looking back on all the interviews they've done since the show
went on the air in August of 2012. We here at Clearing The Static have
decided to go to the rock lounge via radio one last time, and we're
taking you with us, and there's no cover charge!  We will make our
visit to the Rock Lounge by bar hopping to 2 of On Tap's affiliates. 
First, you will hear the show via WLLW "99.3 The Wall," serving Geneva,
NY, and the Finger Lakes region.  Then, we will stagger up the virtual
dial to hear the show as heard on WAQI (102.1 "Rock 102") Springfield,
MA. As you listen, if your ears and mind aren't too intoxicated by the
magic of hearing this place come alive via radio, you may want to pay
attention to how the 2 stations handle the adds and breaks within the
show. Okay. Buckle up, and make sure you have a designated listener
because we are about to have one last drink On Tap at the Rock Lounge
with Nick Carter. This week on CTS Extra, we drink, as VH1 says
"Last Call," and cuts off On Tap.


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