Thursday, June 11, 2015

CTS Extra 10: Checking in With Mom

It seems that Mom does everything these days. Getting the kids up and
ready for school, fixing lunches and dinners, driving to sports events
and concerts, being a comfort when the kids need her, and now, we can
add radio to that list. At least, if you live in Lebanon, Indiana, and
surrounding Boone County, which is part of the Indianapolis market. 
The mom we're talking about is Radio Mom (WIRE 91.1), which has been
running a hyper-local female leaning CHR/Hot AC hybrid for years.  How
hyper-local, you ask?  Well, right away, from the start of the
aircheck, you'll notice a newscast. Well rounded, but centered on
Boone County.  And this is just the beginning of the surprises you will
find in this aircheck!  And the biggest surprise of all? This is a
very commercial sounding non-commercial station!  So, if you like
female oriented formatics mixed with hyper-local content, as I do, you'll
love to listen to your mom. Radio mom, that is!  This time on CTS
Extra, we're checking in with Mom!


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