Monday, August 27, 2018

Clearing The Static 1834

ssues discussed on this week's show include:
1.  ESPN Radio is out, and Fox Sports Radio is in at 2 Lehigh Valley
AM stations.  Does this mean more growth for Fox Sports Radio?
2.  PRI and PRX, 2 of the minor players in public radio are merging.
What does this development mean for affiliate stations -- especially
smaller ones like our flagship, GCR?
3.  The rest of the scripts stations have a buyer -- Summit Media.  We
break down what this means for both companies, as well as the impact
on indevidual markets.
4.  Reno, NV's gone crazy for the 80's... but it took KPGF long enough
to notice.
5.  But that's not all, that's not all, Reno's "Wolf" is moving down
the hall.  And if you miss Alternative, you'll have fun with Reno's
new "Alt 92.1."
6.  ESPN is moving off of 97.3 in Mansfield, OH so that 97.3 can put
on a "Spur."  It's a locally focused, all encompassing country format
with an attentiveness to their spotloads.
7.  The Twin Cities of Minnesota become eclectic once again, as KTCZ
(97.1) brings back some of it's well-known AAA focus along with it's
Hot AC format.  Can radio listeners benefit from stations like this?
We discuss.
8.  Saga brings Pure Oldies to another market.  This time, it's
Mitchel, SD on 103.5.
9.  And there's another Oldies station on the air -- this time in
Travis City, MI, where WCCW has dropped ESPN (a format it had for 17
years) in favor of Oldies as "Radio 13."  This leads to a broader
discussion of how radio is doing a good thing by targeting such
10.  Club Steppin' comes to Chicago via a 95.1 translator.  What is
club steppin'?  Listen to CTS, and find out.

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