Monday, August 20, 2018

Clearing THe Static 1833

Issues discussed on this week's program include:
1.  An AM radio station in Fulton, NY, WOSW, is back on the air --
albeit simulcasting another Syracuse station.  But will this
arrangement last?
2.  Media 1 now owns everything in Jamestown, NY, as the company buys
"Kiss" WKZA and "Lake" WLKW from Cross County Communications.  The
Lake, however, is getting some  "K-Love," and Jake Longwell has very
passionate feelings on this.
3.  A Texas Country music battle breaks out in Lubbock with the launch
of "Texas 93.1."
4.  Southwest Wisconsin is "Z-Rock"ing, as WDMP (810) launches an
Active Rock format with a translator now attached to it.
5.  Guess where "Guess FM" went!  If you guessed WOWW (1430), you'd be correct.
6.  If you live in Clearfield, PA, your "Passport" to Classic Hits is
ready for you on WCPA.  This means the Oldies have stopped traveling.
7.  EMF launches a third format in "K-Love Classics."  Is EMF planning
to make more station buys to put it on the air?  Jake longwell has
strong feelings about this.  This leads to a broader discussion as to
what, if anything, can be done to stop stations from selling to EMF?
Is there a way to make people support their favorite stations so they
don't sell?  We discuss.


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