Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Clearing The Static 1832

Issues discussed on this week's CTS include:
1.  The Sinclaire/Tribune merger is dead -- leading to speculation
about what will happen next.  This leads to a wider discussion about
2.  2 more Scripts clusters are sold, as Lotus Communications buys in
Tucson, AZ, and Boise, ID.  But in Tucson, 2 stations must be spun.
Guess what?  They already have buyers!
3.  A Detroit Gospel format rebrands as it moves off the 102.7
frequency that now belongs to EMF.
4.  An AM station in the Riverside/San Bernardino market goes silent.
5.  Morgantown, WV gets a third hit country station, as "Blake" comes to town.
6.  We discuss the author of a recent article discussed on last week's
CTS, and her impact on The Radio Kid.  This leads to a broader
discussion of meeting people who inspired us to get into radio.


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