Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CTS Extra 33: Kiss on the C-Isle

This time on CTS Extra, we are featuring 2 airchecks by request from
Rebecca in Moravia, NY, as she requested them for her birthday in early
October.  The first station she requested was WLYK "Kiss 102.7" from
Cape Vincent, NY.  Despite being licensed in the US, WLYK is LMA'd by
Canadian company Rogers Communications, and programs "Kiss" as a CHR
station targeting Kingston. Not mentioned in this extra is that WLYK is
controversial in that it is one of the stations being investigated by
the CRTC for targeting Canadian listeners from the US, therefore, it
is able to avoid Canadian Content (Cancon) rules. And, as Sean Ross
once observed in his column, Rogers is only programming 20% CanCon on
WLYK, VS the 45% it must program on actual Canadian licenses.  Cancon
or not, however, as you listen to this aircheck, you will find WLYK to
be current and up to date with it's presentation.  After exchanging
some kisses with Kingston, we travel to the next stop on Rebecca's
virtual radio birthday listening tour, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  There,
we'll listen to Standards/Easy Favorites station CISL "C-Isle 650."
This station plays a wide variety of oldies, and softer rock favorites
for Vancouver, and for Richmond, the city that is the island in CISL
and C-ISLe. We hope that you will enjoy these airchecks on this CTS
Extra, and, Rebecca, we hope these airchecks make your birthday a
little happier, as, per your request, on this edition of CTS Extra...
it's a Kiss on the C-Isle.


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