Friday, September 4, 2015

CTS Extra 31: The Tale of the Wolf and the Dinosaur

Once upon a radio, on 102.7 in Santa Rosa, CA, there lived a quiet and
laid back wolf named KWVF.  The wolf loved to play Classic Hits for it's
listeners, but growled and reared it's head at the thought of playing a
repetitious playlist. Instead, The Wolf hired some laid back jocks, and
grabbed a hold of some old Wolfman Jack tapes, and howled it's way into
the market with what it called Classic Top 40.
Meanwhile, on 103.9 in Mexico, near Syracuse, NY, another animal was
interested in doing Classic Hits.  This animal was a dinosaur named
WNDR. Although it's name was WNDR, the dinosaur had fond memories of
both top 40 stations in Syracuse during the 1960's and 70's. WNDR
(1260) and WOLF (1490).  The dino therefore decided to honor them both
by presenting an energetic version of what it called Classic Top 40,
and hired former jocks of both stations. But that wasn't enough for
this dinosaur. Like the hungry predator it was, it also gobbled up WMBO
(1340) in Auburn, and several FM translators, and by 2015, this
Dinosaur prowled the market proudly with back in the day formatics, and
great listener interaction. Plunging it's teeth and ratings grabbing
strength into it's 2 competitors in the market.
Now, many in the radio community said the Wolf and the Dinosaur were
never to meet. But a podcasting component of a show for the
broadcasting industry made that happen by presenting an aircheck each
of both The Wolf and The Dinosaur.  Listeners of this show were able to
observe them side by side, no longer having the radio landscapes of
Santa Rosa or Syracuse as boundaries. Now, the 2 different approaches
to the format in all their wide variation from average Classic Hits
stations can be heard by all who hear this extra. So which one is
better?  Or, are both animals just as listenable? Only you can help end
this fairy tale as, on this edition of CTS Extra, we present The Wolf
and The Dinosaur.


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