Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CTS Extra 30: It's AM Radio, Kids!

We've spoken on the program before about the magic of the AM band, and
have discussed in great detail possible resolutions to save AM radio. 
At the heart of this discussion is the idea that sound matters, and
sound is horrible on AM. On this edition of CTS Extra, you get to be the
judge of that. Firstly, as many of you have requested, you will hear an
aircheck of me DXing my radio at my DXing station at night.  This is a
full band scan, lasting a little over fifty minutes in length.  This
is a direct recording, so I don't vocalize what stations are being
picked up.  I hope, however, that you will find it an enjoyable listen
to what's left of the AM band. One of the arguments we've had on the
show is whether or not content can still save AM. This amidst a new FCC
proposal to revitalize AM. A proposal that doesn't have a provision
for FM translator stations for AMs. However, I've argued on the program
that they aren't needed if the content can be great, and, in some
cases, contemporary.  One such content provider was Radio Disney, which
operated a string of AM stations until August of last year, when it
started to sell them off.  One of the stations now sold is KKDZ (1250)
in Seattle, Washington. However, the new owners haven't taken over yet, and
it's still playing the pre-teen pop music.  Thanks to Seattle area
listener Bob Cavenaugh, we have an aircheck of this station.  Although
the aircheck is unscoped, and filled with noise, in the second half of
this extra, we present to you the magic of listening to CHR on AM
radio. Hopefully, this will be as magical to you as seeing Mickey Mouse
for the first time.  I present this so that people may know the magic
of AM radio, and what good content can do.  So now, get out your DXing
tuners, and get ready for the magic. On this edition of CTS Extra,
It's AM Radio Kids!


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