Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CTS Extra 22: The Path to Cross the Lake to Get to Rock City

Since it can be boring to stay in one place all the time, today on CTS
Extra, we're going to take a little journey through the adventurous
world of the Deep Classic Rock/AAA hybrid format. To start, we need to
travel down the Path, that's WQTL "106.1 The Path" in Tallahassee,
Florida.  We feature this station's broad format, and talk about its
specialty shows as well. All this amidst rumors of a format change at
the Red Hills owned station. The Path will then take us to The Lake,
"107.7 The Lake" WLKK-HD2. While this isn't the first place this
format was heard, this is the first place we here at Clearing The
Static heard the format back in 2004, and were impressed by it. At
that time, the Deep Classic Rock format was heard on the main analog
signal of 107.7 FM. But, because 107.7's transmitter was all the way
in Whethersfield Township, and "The Lake" was being smoked by "97 Rock"
(WGRF), to keep it from drying up, it was placed on the HD2 channel of
107.7. We will swim the lake, and listen to how the tides of time have
changed the format just a little to become more hit driven. Once we
cross the lake, we will have made it to "Rock City", WZAX "99.3 Rock
City" in Rocky Mount, North Carolina  While this station has a more traditional
Classic Rock format, I chose this as our destination to show you how
Classic Rock is moving ahead in time into the 90's, and away from the
60's, and early 70's.  So put on your hiking shoes, swim suits, and
city street gear, because on this edition of CTS Extra, we're taking
the Path to cross the Lake to get to Rock City!


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