Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CTS Extra 21: Sounds Like L.A.

Back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, there was a sound that defined a
generation. A sound of guitars, loud drums, and long sets of music. 
Unfortunately, most Classic Rock stations only play the songs that made
it to the mainstream, and didn't do the sound justice. However, from
time to time, some radio stations buck this trend, and give you a sound
experience. Letting the music speak for itself through true album
cuts. One such station is KSWD "100.3 The Sound" from Los Angeles, California.
The station has features that maintain and bring back the sound for
those who remember it, and bring that vibrant sound to new ears such
as Vinyl Wednesdays, B Sides at 11, and a feature you will hear in the
aircheck, Live at 5. Unfortunately, Bonneville International is
swapping this station to Entercom for 4 stations in Denver as part of
Entercom's acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media. Entercom is known
for running its Classic Rock formats in a more traditional manner,
meaning the sound will become tinny and narrow, like most Classic
Rock stations. So, let's enjoy the Sound while we can. If you grew up
during that time, and were a California Rock lover, enjoy the memories.
If you are hearing this station for the first time, let me ask you,
are you ready to discover a new sound?  This time on CTS Extra, we're
hearing a sound. It sounds like L.A.


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