Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CTS Extra 19: Sunny and Warm With a Chance of AC

While I am no meteorologist, I am a radio listener. As such, I can
tell you that the winds of change have been blowing over the AC format
for a few years now. This has led to near drought conditions for those
who yearn for the traditional AC format, but still with the modern
songs thrown in, as many stations have changed the thermometer to a
more current version of the format. One such station that has
apparently done this is KSQN "Sunny 103" (103.1) in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
We're going to take a listen to this station, which promises a better
variety from the 70's to today. If that's what you're listening for,
though, you might get a cold chill! Don't worry. Our next aircheck
will warm you up. Maybe literally, as we'll then take a listen to
WRMM "Warm 101.3" from Rochester, New York. This station, which has been in
the AC format since 1988, still plays some great softer staples of the
format, while managing to play a fair amount of currents, as well. 
There's no need to bring along jackets, hats or gloves for this CTS
extra, as we've checked the weather forecast, and for this CTS extra,
it's Sunny and Warm with a chance of AC.


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