Friday, May 29, 2020

Radio Serena Show 173

This week on Radio Serena, it's your turn to play what you want! It's another all request show on Radio Serena!
Song 1. Summer Nights - Rascal Flatts
Song 2. Ignition – R. Kelly
Song 3. Morning Song – Rachael Tissot
Song 4. Leaves From The Vine – Avitar
Song 5. I Had It All For A While – first version sung by cover artist
Song 6. I Had It All For a While – Anne ?Day
Song 7. Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jump, Jive and Whale, heard on WSBW just a
Song 8. Devil – shinedown
Song 9. Never be like you- flume
Song 10. Jana Mashonee - The Enlightened Time
Song 11. Citizen Way - Wave Walker
Song 12. House on fire rise against
Song 13. The river Jordan feliz
Song 14, Mercy Me - Happy Dance


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