Monday, June 17, 2019

Radio Serena Show 125

This time on Radio Serena, it’s more of your requests, plus more summer time festive fun!
Also, please note that through the month of June, Radio Serena is taking a survey. I’d like to thank all who have taken it so far. Please know your feedback is valueable. For those who haven’t yet taken the survey, there’s still time. You can find it at:
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Song 1. Under The Bridge – Red hot chili peppers
Song 2. Will 2 Power I’m Not in Love
Song 3. I Can Love You Like That – All For One
Song 4. Taring Up My Heart - *NSync
Song 5. Galloping Gertie – Sam Fontayn
Song 6. Is She Really Going Out with him – Joe Jackson
Song 7. Your Reality – Artist unknown
Song 8. Some Like It Hot - The Power Station
Song 9. White Port Lemon Juice – The Four Deuces
Song 10. I Need You Here With Me – Marshmallow and Chvrches
Song 11. Tiny Bubbles – Don Hoe
Song 12. Cake by the Ocean – DNCE


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