Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Radio Serena Listener Survey 2019

Radio Serena, and it's parent company, CTS Productions, are conducting a survey. If you could, please take a moment to answer these questions, and either email them to us at radioserenamail@gmail.com, or call or text our listener line at (315)236-2001. Thank you so much for your feedback.

Radio Serena Survey 2019

1. What do you like about Radio Serena?
2. What don't you like about Radio Serena?
3. Are there any features we should do more or less of? Please explain.
4. How do you listen to Radio Serena (radio station, radio station stream, website, ETC? Please be specific.)
5. Are there any additional platforms upon which you would like to hear or interact with Radio Serena?
6. If Radio Serena were to run commercials to generate revenue to help cover costs, will you still listen to Radio Serena?
7. If commercials are not your thing, do you have any suggestions on how we can make the money we need to stay solvent?
Preface: CTS Productions, the company behind Radio Serena, is considering rolling out additional station-like radio shows and brands to better market our products, and we would like your opinion on the following.
8A. One such idea in the works (and one very likely to be rolled out) is a format that plays a wide variety of music with no consideration to genre or style of music whatsoever รข€“ in a sense, lacking any musical focus, and bringing together a giant melting pot of music. Would you listen to and interact with such a brand if it were broadcast?
8B. A second format under development currently is a high energy dance format of upbeat music focusing on music from the 50s to the 90s. This would mainly be a feel good type format with many great long forgotten hits from the past. Would you listen and interact with such a brand if it were broadcast?
8C. A third brand under consideration would be a singer/songwriter focused AAA formatted brand that would also include a wide variety of eclectic music (such as Jazz and blues) with a coffee house type presentation. Would you listen to and interact with such a brand if it were broadcast?
8D. If Radio Serena were to air demos of these brands, would you be willing to give them a listen, and let us know what you think?
9. Do you have anything more you'd like to add regarding Radio Serena? If so, please share your thoughts and ideas here.

Thank you for your time, and, most of all, for listening to Radio Serena.

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