Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Radio Serena Show 96: The Ghost Show

This week on Radio Serena, er, I mean, "The Ghost," it's another one
of our great Halloween shows.  One of your favorite characters is back
by popular demand, and our story takes some interesting turns.
I'd like to make some thank yous now.  Firstly and formostly, I'd
really like to thank Jennifer Tissot for working so hard on putting
all this together.  She created the script, and made it come to life
using her sharp mind for sound and creativity, a skilled and wide
ranging voice and a program called Goldwave.  It is her true talent
that makes this story shine.  She also selected some of the music for
this show.  Thanks for this also has to go to Jim Pemberton of WQNA in
Springfield, who really help me to program certain songs in accordence
with the story lines.  My last (but not least important) thank you has
to go to Bob Cavanaugh for helping the show through one of it's minor
plot points.  The people who have helped me have made this show the
awesome one that it is.
If you have feedback, please send it to radioserenamail@gmail.com.  Thank you.
Song 1.  Ghost Busters Theme version 2
Song 2.  Death By Chocolate
Song 3.  TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
Song 4.  Spookey Scary Skelletons
Song 5.  Season of the Witch, Pt. 1Vanilla Fudge
Song 6.  Witchcraft -  Sarah Vaughan
Song 7.  Do The Vampire – Superdrag
Song 8.  Frank Zappa - Zombie Woof
Song 9.  Legendary Shack Shakers - Let the Dead Burry The Dead
Song 10.  The Ghosts Are Out Tonight – Victor and Friends
Song 11.  Werewolves of London – Warren Zigler
Song 12.  Mommy’s Little Monster – The Social Distortion


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