Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Clearing The Static 1842

On this edition of Clearing The Static, we talk about 3 very important
issues vital tot he industry at this time.
1.  The FCC proposes changes to protections for C
lass A
 AM stations where by they would lose their protected clear channel
status.  We debate and discuss.
2.  The FCC has denied the patition by KVSL AM in Sholo, AZ to turn
off the AM signal.  Will there be more filings in the future?
3.  Emmis Communications has decided to fold the Next Radio app for FM
chips in sell phones.  This means that people won't be able to listen
to FM on their smart phones anymore without a data plan.  What will
this mean for the industry?  We dsicuss.

1 comment:

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