Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CTS Extra 36: Hot 102.5 vs. 105 The Vibe

OK, quick! What's the hottest format in radio right now? Don't look at
the trades to cheat. I'll wait here.
Give up?  It's Classic Hip Hop. The format has been spreading like
wildfire over the past year in radio land, and, in some markets, there
are Classic Hip Hop battles between 2 or more stations. For your
entertainment on CTS Extra, we're going to have one of those aircheck
battles. This time between Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Classic Hip Hop
stations "Hot 102.5," a translator owned by IHeart Media, and "105 The
Vibe" WGVX (105.1), WRXP (105.3), and WGVZ (105.7), which are owned
by Cumulus. We'll sample a bit of each, and we'll let you decide the
winner. To do that, just please email us. So... Ladies and gentlemen,
take your seats! On this edition of CTS Extra... It's Hot 102.5 vs. 105
The Vibe in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


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